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stop trying to plan your way through societal collapse

i am in a big rest part of the manifestor rest/create cycle right now, meaning i’m very low energy and not much new is wanting to come or be expressed. however, i do keep wanting to more widely voice / reiterate something(s) that i am saying over and over in more private settings.

stop trying to plan your way through societal collapse

no one knows what is next

you are not alone in your uncertainty

you are not being left behind

you do not need to have a plan

you cannot plan your way through total transformation

here are some things i am focusing on right now that i think are really great for everyone to put most if not all of our energy towards:

  • prioritize your own mental health.

  • take care of your body.

  • do what helps you regulate your nervous system and grows your capacity for change and discomfort.

  • stay connected with the people who make you feel like you.

  • practice being supremely honest with yourself and with others.

the future is so unpredictable right now. stop trying to strategize a plan or validate your choices based on a currently-collapsing way of life. the old world’s metrics aren’t for us anymore. you feel it. you know it. we all do.

ultimately, i think this is really just what is next for us humans. learning / relearning to operate our bodies and energy bodies using our internal guidance - personal and in the moment somatic and emotional knowing - rather than external circumstances.

we start small - very small - in the tiniest but most impactful sphere of our own personal existence. this can and will change how we do relationships, interdependence, society, but that’s not coming any linear-time soon. it has to come on an individual level first.

the “new” way is a shock to our former/current system which we are growing out of and which has emphasized mental awareness as the driver. the new way is what creates real balance, what gets us back into right relationship with nature, with the planet. the new way is a lot like the old way of living in tune with nature, which so many indigenous traditions and peoples can teach and have taught us.

astrologically speaking, the saturn uranus square to me very clearly symbolizes this feeling of something new is coming but we don’t quite know what yet and so we don’t know how to get there or live within the parameters that exist until we do.

astrologically speaking, it’s also chiron in aries. but i talk and write about that so much that i’m not going to do so here. i’m tired and i’m not really supposed to be expressing right now. i’m supposed to be on the couch binge-watching literally anything.

if i’m being real honest about what is coming thru for me lately - which, if you know me, you know is the only way i know how to be (and is partially why i have not been saying so much lately, especially on social media, because i’m a little afraid to be honest with the current collective mood) - i’ll share that i don’t even actually think we’ll need tools like astrology and human design in the future. i don’t even think we’ll need language, much. i think the moment we’re in is overlap, which requires old ways of operating to get into and to learn the new operating system.

astro & hd have been supremely helpful for me in welcoming this transition in my own body and awareness, but it’s important that we remember that these are merely tools. the whole point (in my conception) is not to be fluent in astrology or human design but rather to solidify your own inner knowing. and you don’t actually definitively need external tools to do that. however, in a reality where we are all so deeply programmed but are seeking to decondition, these tools can be super fucking helpful. super fucking helpful, but not the whole point.

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