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living your design

join the live cohort for fall 2023

course modules available starting september 1st

first live group call on september 14th

living your design is the fundamental human design course as outlined by the International Human Design School (IHDS)

i have taken the provided curriculum and adapted it and added to it to offer you an initiation into your human design experiment that fits my teaching style & frequency of transmission.

i'm now opening up my second round of LYD for a new cohort of human design students! learn about your human design through an in depth exploration of the system.

LYD is where the experiment begins. we will clarify the basics of human design, learn about it's origin, and see how all the pieces are rooted in a clear mechanical system as well how they are synthesized together. we'll practice applying each of the concepts covered to each of the unique designs of everyone in the class, and we'll take the leap into the unknown, free fall, experiment that is human design: deconditioning from the mind and living a unique, somatically led life. 


you'll get all of the info to help you understand the ins and outs of the system's fundamental knowledge in your own way, plus:
  • lots of support in applying the concepts to your own unique design

  • guidance for the upheaval that ensues when we take the human design system into our cells and shatter the mind

  • a community to witness your deconditioning and to transform alongside


class format:
  • course videos are shared weekly for you to take in on your own time - typically 1.5 - 2 hours of lecture per week (except the very first week will have ~3.5 hrs)

  • we meet live on Thursdays from 9/14 - 11/30 (no class on 11/23) at 4p PT / 7p ET for discussion, personal application, integration, and questions. (expect ~90 minute calls)

check out the curriculum
omnia schedule updated.png

this course is being offered to members of Omnia Network. once you join omnia as a member ($80/month), you'll have access to join my LYD course and a collection of other workshops and courses from other Omnia teachers too!


omnia's roster this season includes tarot, gender exploration, sexual wellness, human design, ancestral practices, plant medicine, and more!

note - the membership cost for Omnia for the duration of the LYD course is a lower cost than i charge for the course when i teach it on my own. it's an experiment for me and for omnia, too! take advantage while it's available :)

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