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Astrology For Your Self:

One on One Mentorship

learn astrology with me one one


one on one mentorships are available to a limited number of people at any given time. 

in one on one mentorships, we meet 1-2x per month (your choice) and work through same content offered in my 11 week live group course at the frequency & schedule that works best for you. this offering also provides significantly more access to me for your personal astrology questions and learning, and the potential for more personalized learning throughout. mentees will also have access to all patreon benefits during their mentorship including a slack channel where they can reach me and other students and community with astrology questions and reflections. 


this offering is 50% extended natal chart reading and 50% astro education / tutoring. 


to sign up for one on one mentorship that meets monthly, you can simply join my patreon at the "neptune level" tier. if you think you'd like to meet more frequently, please email me at to inquire

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