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I am a community builder, astrologer, teacher of music and yoga, reiki master teacher, and seeker of balance, among other things.  


In 2016 I helped to co-found Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective, a non profit healing arts community center  in Chicago, Illinois. In 2017 I left my full time job as a music educator to prioritize growing and sustaining Inner Sense and to more deeply commit to living a life that is aligned with my values and honoring the call to work with people one on one. 

I believe that self study is a primary component to living a meaningful life and that when we find meaning, we find joy, or the very least, contentment. I am constantly evolving in my own approach to self study and always eager to share what I’ve learned with others. Self expression, self awareness, relating, connecting, teaching, and service are the things that give me life. (For the astro-literate, some relevant information is that I was born during a waning gibbous lunar phase and that I have some strong Sagittarius energy in my chart along with a stacked fifth house, my ruling planets in Gemini in the 7th, and my moon in the first, and a Virgo south node.)

about me

I imagine that I will never feel as though my education in the healing arts is complete, but I am certain that sharing what I’ve learned and what I will continue to learn with others is what I am here to do. In launching my website,  I am setting the intention to make myself available for one on one work with people in whatever ways they are seeking external support on the work that they are doing internally. 


I recognize and have a deep respect for the uniqueness of each individual’s journey and process to self study and healing. Whether I am working with astrology, reiki, yoga, music, or simply through conversation, I aim to support those I work with by taking on the roles of ally and translator. I believe that everything you need to live a meaningful life already exists within you and that my role is secondary to your own knowing. 


If you’re looking for more information about my education and credentials, please read on!

My background of singing in choirs and teaching music has instilled in me a deep appreciation for community and the healing that is inevitable when creating with others. Meditation in the form of singing and reading music along with the very real and unfortunate burn out being a full time public school teacher led me to a yoga practice in 2011. Since immersing myself in traditional yoga as a spiritual practice, I have discovered many other subtle healing art forms like astrology, reiki, and tarot. I am a licensed Music Educator and certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Holy Fire III system of healing. I completed my 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training and Mentorship Program with James Tennant and Jim Bennitt at Tejas Yoga and am also strongly influenced by the trauma sensitive approach to yoga taught by one of my earliest teachers, Rachel Sherron Matrejek. I have studied astrology independently from 2015 - 2019, and have attended three major conferences hosted by national and international astrology organizations. I completed the first year program at the Portland School of Astrology, and am currently working towards completion of Acyuta-bhava Dasa's two year course on Hellenistic Astrology. I use a blend of traditional Hellenistic astrology and modern astrology in my practice. My studies of yoga, reiki, and astrology are ongoing and lifelong. 


my work in the world

Saggy Moons Podcast

A podcast I host with my friend and fellow astrologer and Reiki Master Jeannette M Gomes. Find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or click below to listen!

Inner Sense Healing

Arts Collective

A non profit organization focused on fostering self-reflected practices within disempowered populations, in effort to build a restored and engaged community.

Chicago Astrology Group

Join this group of astrologers of all levels at our monthly meet ups! Check upcoming dates on my regular schedule. 

Community Choir

Check out "Chicago's Most Casual Choir." This group exists for the sole purpose of creating space for people to have fun singing with others. We'd love to see you at our bi-weekly gatherings!

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