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kelsey rose tortorice

post-capitalist / astrologer / human design guide
/ teacher / seeker / healing artist /initiator


about me

I am an anti-capitalist community builder, astrologer, seeker of balance, avid studier of self, and lifelong student and impassioned teacher of many things including astrology, yoga, spirituality, human design, and music. 

I am ruled by Jupiter, and am deeply committed to expansion and understanding as the primary motivators for all I do. I perceive myself to be straddling multiple dimensions and have begun to understand myself to be a doula in the process of initiating others into this multi-dimensional way of being, and supporting the transmutation that all of us are experiencing through teaching, writing, and holding space. 

In my work with students and clients, my Aries-Sag nature shows up in the form of preaching autonomy. I am not telling those I work with anything they don't already know. I am sitting with them as they remember what they've always known, and offering affirmation, perspective shifts, and encouragement. I am particularly oriented towards acknowledging the conditioning that all humans have experienced and noticing where people are tangled up in their conditioning. Through the exploration of your astrology, human design, and lived experience, we can do some detangling together and create more space for flow. 


All of my work professionally, spiritually, and otherwise, is adjacent to the process of deconstructing capitalism and centuries of coloniality in myself, in my relationships, and in the world around me. In addition to an ongoing commitment to acknowledging my own intersections of privilege I also seek to acknowledge economic injustices through my pricing structures.

To learn more about my past and my trajectory, read on. For my education & qualifications, scroll down to the next section.


In 2016 I helped to co-found Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective, a non profit healing arts community center  in Chicago, Illinois. In 2017 I left my career as a music educator to prioritize growing and sustaining Inner Sense, to honor a call to work with people one on one, and to more deeply commit to living a life aligned with my values.


As of 2021, I have let go of my work as a Director with Inner Sense in order to create space for more teaching, time with clients, rest, and new initiations and collaborations. 


I have always believed that self study is a primary component to living a meaningful life and that when we find meaning, we find joy, or the very least, contentment. I am constantly evolving in my own approach to self study and always eager to share what I’ve learned with others. Self expression, self awareness, relating, connecting, teaching, and service are the things that give me life. (For the astro-literate, some relevant information is that I was born during a waning gibbous lunar phase, and I have strong Sagittarius energy in my chart along with a stacked fifth house. My ruling planets are both in Gemini in the 7th, and my moon is in the first. My south node is in Virgo. These are some of the placements I attribute to personal mission to sharing all that I’ve learned with others, and to being of service to my communities.)


I recognize and have deep respect for the uniqueness of each individual's journey and process to self study and healing. Whether I am working with someone through music, reiki, astrology, yoga, the akashic records, or simply through conversation, I aim to support those I work with by taking on the roles of ally and translator, ultimately supporting the self-sustained empowerment of each individual. We are all learning a new way of being in our bodies, in community, and in the world, and every system of healing and knowledge that I have incorporated into my work is used to support just that. 

If you’re looking for more information about my education, background, and credentials, please read on!

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My background of singing in choirs and teaching music has instilled in me a deep appreciation for community and the healing that is inevitable when creating with others. Meditation in the form of singing and reading music along with the very real and unfortunate burn out being a full time public school teacher led me to a yoga practice in 2011. Since immersing myself in traditional yoga as a spiritual practice, I have discovered many other subtle healing art forms like astrology, reiki, tarot, and the akashic records.

MUSIC | I am a licensed Music Educator (B.M.ed, Vandercook 2011)

REIKI | I am a certified Reiki Teacher in the Usui Holy Fire III system of healing. I completed my Reiki training under Jerry Mikutis in 2018.

ASTROLOGY | After 4+ years of self study, I completed the first year program at the Portland School of Astrology under JP Hawthorne and Rhea Wolfe in 2019. I am currently continuing to study Hellenistic Astrology through Chris Brennan's program as well as Acyuta Bhava Das' at Nightlight Astrology. My practice is grounded in traditional Hellenistic astrology and incorporates tools from modern psychological schools of astrology as well. 

HUMAN DESIGN | I am presently studying Human Design with Amy Lee and John Cole of the Human Design Collective. I often incorporate guidance from the Human Design system in my astrological counseling sessions.

AKASHIC RECORDS | I learned to read Akashic Records with Leah Garza of Crystals of Altamira in 2020. My work within the records is mostly personal, but I do open the records for astrology readings upon client request.

my education & training