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This is Kelsey's signature astrology course.


Four cohorts of students have participated in this offering over the last three years, and now the course exists in its fifth and final form - a hybrid self paced / pre recorded course with live interaction and lots of experiential practice woven in.

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Read all about the course, the pre-sale offer (available through April 15th, 2022), and register by clicking the link below:

When you enroll in this course, you can expect:

  • A deepening of your understanding of Self through the lens of astrology

  • A clear and concise breakdown of the elements of astrology and their application, including:

    • The Elements of Astrology: chart orientation, basic celestial mechanics, astro philosophy, glyphs, planets, points, signs, houses,

    • Astro-literacy: essential dignities, aspects, chart synthesis, intro to synastry / relationship astrology

    • Timing Techniques: transits, profections, secondary progressions, lunar living

    • Context: the history and branches of astrology, breadth and depth of astrology, final project presentations

  • Ample opportunities to practice the application of the content listed above in the context of your own chart and classmates’ charts

  • A one on one with Kelsey at the start of the course to connect, share intentions, and explore your chart a bit (for the first 8 full course registrants who pay in full only)

  • A community experience, with opportunities to participate during live meetings & to connect with fellow participants via discord.

  • An abundance of materials & resources to support your independent study & continued learning

  • Encouraged but optional homework assignments (typically memorization exercises, meditative journaling exercises, listening or reading suggestions, and daily astro-rituals) to help you retain, deepen, and internalize the information you’re processing in class

  • Video recordings of all class content as well as live sessions in case you miss or would like to revisit one

about kelsey


Kelsey Rose is a practicing astrologer, life long learner, and passionate teacher. Her background in education has fueled her with insights, techniques, and skills that support and propel her insatiable thirst for sharing knowledge with others. As she’s delved deeply into a number of esoteric systems for empowerment and healing, she’s embraced applying what she knows about the processes of learning and teaching to the dissemination of these powerful modalities.


Kelsey has been teaching in various settings, from public high schools, to private voice lessons, to astrology, yoga, and reiki classes for adults, since 2011. Kelsey has been teaching astrology for 2+ years, through one on one tutoring, various short form workshops, and in the two previous iterations of this course. 


Kelsey believes that the greatest gift of astrology (and there are so many) is that seeing yourself through the lens of astrology allows you to see yourself through the eyes of the unity consciousness. The Universe knows that you are perfect as you are; that you are both a fragment of the wholeness and the wholeness itself; and how you can move through your life with more ease, comfort, compassion, joy, and success - whatever success means to you. 


Kelsey also believes that you know your chart better than any astrologer, because you’ve been living your chart your whole life on this earth. Learning about yourself from a trained astrologer or from horoscopes or an astrology app can be INCREDIBLY insightful, healing, and powerful, but there is nothing that holds a candle to the experience of knowing and interpreting the symbolism in your chart with your own sacred wisdom. Once you start, you never stop. You will keep learning and shifting and growing and extrapolating on your understanding of your chart for your whole life. This life-long process of enhanced understanding is what Kelsey hopes to initiate for you in this course. 


Join Kelsey for the full 24 weeks (or for one half / 12 weeks) and become anchored in your understanding of astrology, and more anchored in your understanding of yourself. 

For more info on Kelsey's personal mission and training both astrologically and otherwise, see her lengthier bio on the About page.