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i cannot tell you how much clarity it has brought me to know the distinction between these two ways of taking in the world that are inherent to me.

as i’ve observed myself through the lens of the human design system’s tools, i’ve gotten to intimately know my not self: her tendencies, what makes her tick, what motivates her. i’ve assimilated detailed information and seen endless evidence of where and how she experiences lack, what mental trappings she gets locked into, and the way that the duality of the maia whispers to her and pulls her in.

although massively uncomfortable to witness at times, this intimate connection that i’ve made with my not self through seeing her so clearly has become the foundation for a liberating investment in my organic nature and a taste of freedom, authenticity, and trust in my own body, my own perspective, and in life.

this summer i’m going to be sharing about my own process with not self knowing, the presence of shame that so often accompanies our not self knowing and deconditioning journeys, and some of the most powerful and practical tools that have supported my awareness along the way.

at the end of the series, everyone will be invited to integrate and express their learning and reflection with a creative project that speaks to them - of which my graphics above are an example. think not self show and tell, or not self open mic.

my inspiration for this experience is the venus retrograde in leo - drawing our relating principle inwards through the filter of individual uniqueness.

my co-teachers are amanda prechel & allyson forseth - both teachers like myself with more hd experimentation in their history than i and with designs and expertises very different from mine. will tell you everything you need to know.

if it feels right, i’m looking forward to connecting with you and your not self :)

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