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there are two ways to get started studying human design with me:


for the astrologically minded.png

a self paced mini-course on all the fundamentals you need to know to fully grasp the system and begin or deepen your human design experiment 

astrology knowledge is not required but is referenced throughout.


wtf is my aura type.png

a briefer, single segment recording that introduces type and strategy. not a thorough introduction to the system, but enough to help you understand wtf people are talking about with human design type and to check out whether your own human design type resonates with you

for the astrologically minded.png


this is a SELF-PACED, multi-part, VERY THOROUGH human design fundamentals course. 

you can start at anytime and participate completely self-paced,

wanting to study human design with me but don't consider yourself to be "astrologically minded?" no problem! this course was developed with fellow astrologers and astrology enthusiasts in mind because i knew there were lots of colleagues, students, and clients of mine in the astrology space that were curious about human design. also, astrology was the cosmic language i was most familiar with and fluent in when i found human design, so my natural way of teaching human design includes astrological references. HOWEVER, this course is still absolutely accessible and relevant for you non-astros out there, astrology is referenced but not in ways that are imperative to your understanding of human design.

want to study with me and a cohort of classmates live? "living your design" starts this fall. check it out. 

wtf is my aura type.png

WTF is my aura type?!

a single introductory human design workshop focused on the basic concepts of type, strategy, and signature/not self themes.

there’s a lot of shitty and uninformed takes on type out there. this workshop is a straightforward orientation (or for some, reorientation) to type that honors its nature as a synthesis of the human design system which makes the mind shattering experience of attuning to the truth of oneself both easily accessible and sometimes annoyingly unable to be unseen.

 you don’t have to like it. you don’t have to believe it. but if you want to understand it in a felt, embodied, organic way that requires you to trust no one but your self and doesn’t adhere to capitalistic principles, stop on by. 

questions we’ll focus on are:


wtf is human design?

wtf is an aura type?

wtf is my aura type, and what makes it so?

wtf is my strategy and also why tf is that my strategy? 

wtf is response, satisfaction, and frustration for a generator?

wtf is invitation, success, and bitterness for a projector?

wtf is informing, peace, and anger for a manifestor?

wtf is a lunar cycle, surprise and disappointment for a reflector?

wtf do we all experience, and wtf do we all not, according to type?


no prior human design knowledge is needed to get some answers to your what-the-fucks. some who have been learning a little about human design might still appreciate my specific way of articulating. all are welcomed, from the brand new to the cynical to the seasoned experimenters. 


this workshop is free / donation based mostly because i (kelsey) am getting (good ol fashioned manifestor) impatient and angry at how misunderstood this shit is so i mostly just want people to come regardless of receiving funds. but i do typically charge for my monthly workshops, so i invite and appreciate any donations. they are not able to be collected via the registration form but which you can send a donation to @kelseyrosetort via paypal or venmo along with your registration. you are also welcome to skip the donation and reconsider after participating.


the workshop will be recorded and shared with all registrants. 

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