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settle into surrender

a pre-eclipse ritual

live on zoom | sunday, 10/23, 4pm pt / 7pm et

ever get the sense that you’re not in control? ever tried leaning into that?

eclipses are considered by astrologers to be pretty damn malefic, but/and i have learned to be grateful for the trajectory interference that eclipses bring - they crack our bones into deeper alignment where we didn’t even know we were off. an acquired faith in and sense of gratitude for eclipses doesn’t necessarily make them any more comfortable for the mind as they’re happening, though.

eclipses are assists from god, but they require us to give up creative control over our lives for a bit, and the mind kinda hates that.

before eclipse season hits, i like to create a more involved than usual daily practice of ritual and care that i can anchor to as i cross the river of the karmic-current over the ~two week period and into the unknown territory on the other side. it gives my body and my spirit something consistent to feel grounded in and my mind something to trust.


if you’d like to raise a white flag to the coming recalibration and invite a little more softness into your eclipse season, i invite you to join me this sunday for a group ritual.


we’ll spend ~30 minutes in gentle movement, meditation, and energy work (i’ll either offer group reiki, open the akashic records, or both). i’ll share a brief overview of these next two eclipses and then we’ll take some time to orient and reflect both individually via oracular prompts and together through discussion.


before we depart, i’ll invite you to create a personal eclipse-care ritual for yourself so that you can set yourself up for as much comfort and grace as possible for your eclipse process. 


astrological-literacy totally not required, but if you join as a patron, you’ll also have access to my workshop on the lunar nodes & eclipses that would be a lovely optional prerequisite to this group ritual session. nonsubscribers who prefer to register for the ritual alone will have the option to add the workshop for a minimal extra price. 


a recording will be shared with registrants, but the discussion portions may be edited out to protect intimacy shared amongst live participants.

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