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upcoming live workshops:

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a teaching & guided creative practice for venus in pisces

with guest teacher SUPRSENSORY SHAHIR

live on zoom | tuesday, 4/2, 6-8 pm pt

check your timezone

recording included

Collaborating with Venus is having an all-encompassing relationship with boundless Love and Creative expression. Working with Saturn is deeply reflecting our bounded Reality and History. 

This workshop will guide you to tap into the magical and experiential place of Pisces as a source of Archive & Inspiration through:

  • the presentation of Venus/Saturn/Pisces through collective astrology [transit] and personal history [profection technique]

  • a short guided meditation and visualization to infuse the current and future transit of Venus in Pisces [with Saturn & Neptune co-present until early 2025]

  • prompts for creative expression time - art making within your medium of choice (poetry writing, journaling, painting, sketching, collaging etc.) ~ please bring your desired materials to the call with you.


By the end of the workshop, we would have produced a piece of art, inspired by our astrology, that reminded us of our expansionary love, and a moment to anchor and elevate future ones.

Recording is included with registration.z

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