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N E X T    L I V E    W O R K S H O P :   


& how to exist, considering

sunday, december 19th. 12p PT / 3p ET

if you’re feeling like you’re living between two worlds, like the old world is dead but the new world isn’t quite here yet and you’re not sure how to exist in the overlapping realities, you’re not alone. 


how is one person supposed to determine how/where they fit into the larger puzzle when the big picture is so unclear and unpredictable?


you can’t. right now isn’t for pushing forward in regards to our external circumstances, but we do each have a great amount of agency available to us in regard to how we use this in-between time in order prepare our selves and our bodies for what is next.

this workshop will focus primarily on the transit of saturn in aquarius square uranus in taurus which has been a major player in our experience for all of 2021 and will continue to be so throughout 2022. 


kelsey will provide an orientation to these two planetary energies as well as their dynamic in this square position so that participants are able to identify and more intentionally work with this cosmic crunchy vibe in both the collective story as well as their own individual experience. 


we’ll also take a look at some of the other big picture transits that are most relevant in regards to this transitory period we’re living in (pluto, chiron, jupiter, the nodes) and discuss how each of these cosmic scenarios can help us to shift our awareness from what isn’t for us anymore so that we can be more available for what is next, as that begins to clarify. 


this workshop is open to people of any and all astrological levels. beginners may not retain all of the technical information, but the interpretations shared will be supportive for anyone living in this moment in time. 


a recording of the workshop will be shared with all who register. afterwards, the recording will be for sale at a higher rate. 


the workshop will likely run 2+ hours. 

i use the same sliding scale pricing structure for workshops that i do for one on one sessions. see my economic justice framework & discount codes here.

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