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2023 profection party graphic.png

what timelord

is it?

a 2023 profection party

live on zoom | sunday, 1/22, 12 pt / 3pm et

there’s the shape of THE year and then there’s the shape of YOUR year.


the 2023 profection party is a semi-instructional, but mostly playful and casual hang out for astro-folks (newbies to pros) to connect while taking a look at our individual profection situations this year.

participants will be invited both to offer and to receive inspiration and perspective on what to look out for this year based on transits, profected houses, and planetary timelords.


we’ll focus on the hellenistic technique of annual and monthly profections (a very easy to use timing tool which will be clarified at the start of the hangout) and also take a look at significant astrological movement this year and consider just how significant each component of the 2023 weather is for each our differentiated experiences as the human-vessels for it. 


bring yourself, a comfy setting, a yummy drink, snack, &/or plant medicine, some tarot or oracle cards, and fun crafty things to write with and on. 


included with jupiter tier patronage or drop in for $24+

[recording included]

~ or ~

jupiter tier patrons ($22/mo) receive live & recorded access to all ~monthly workshop offerings including the library of past teachings

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