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lunar eclipse in capricorn - july 4th, 2020

this last capricorn eclipse occurs just as saturn has tiptoed his way back into capricorn, too. for the rest of 2020, he asks us to take one last hard look at the karmic lessons we’ve been working through since late 2017. the crises of this eclipse season have certainly oriented us towards this sobering task.

the lunar eclipse takes place just before midnight on this 4th of july. on a day intended for celebrating freedom, saturn has us reckoning with the many faces of oppression, violence, and injustice that have plagued the USA since its very first days.

just as saturn is present again with jupiter & pluto, so we must be present with the massive transformation that is upon us. saturn won’t have us going around. we must go through.

this eclipse is the last of the cancer/cap set, but it also contains the lessons of the new gemini/sag nodal axis: to honor new perspectives. to ask questions. to release old beliefs that we’ve become attached to.

we’re reassessing the state of our society & whether freedom is really available to everyone, or anyone. we’re reconsidering the nature of freedom itself. what does it feel like? how would we live if we were truly free? who or what has the authority to grant us freedom?

although the collective narrative is being blasted perhaps more loudly now than ever before, we must also recognize that each of us is having an experience that is unique to us alone. as long as we are in our human bodies, we cannot fully decenter ourselves from our experience. we are impacted by our own values, privileges, and oppression. by our capacities for shame and discomfort. by our resiliency.

and so, this weekend, some will celebrate, some will not. some will acknowledge the dissonance of this moment, others will try to go around it.

as you witness avoidance in the form of parties, fireworks, and celebration amidst a pandemic, ongoing racial injustice, and an increasingly fascist state, have whatever reaction you need to. then, locate those same tendencies within yourself. notice the ways in which your channel for truth is eclipsed by a desire for what is comfortable, or “normal.” notice. observe. breathe. and prepare to let go.

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