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full moon in aries - autonomy as the basis for healthy relationality

often when i share my very aries perspective about personal autonomy as the basis for all healthy relationality / societality, i can energetically feel resistance. yes yes - i see the way it impacts and empowers and lights you up (classic aries medicine side effects, and why i keep going), but i also sense some of the readers going “but but but.” (this may be specifically those leaning cancer, libra, and capricorn - the signs in hard aspect to aries.)

i don’t think self-prioritization comes at the cost of relational and societal accountability. i think the zodiac is a wildly powerful tool for showing us how all the parts of wholeness interact with each other, including how multiple truths may *seem* to challenge one another but actually require each other.

i think we are afraid to honor the truth of our separation. i think this is chiron in aries. i think we think it’s not okay to self-prioritize for fear of seeming selfish or displaying “hyper-individualism,” but really without a SIGNIFICANT dose of individualism fueling it, the support we lend to one another is distorted and maybe dishonest.

what if we let our individualism determine how we show up for others? what if we let those that we love and are in relationship with show up in ways that are authentic to them? what if we release the pressure on ourselves and each other to offer support and contribute to relationships, communities, and society in a homogenized way, and instead, revel in the differentiated medicine that each of us has to offer?

when we soften the expectations we have of those we are in relationship with, we get to experience their perspective, love, and support in its fullest, truest, most impactful glory.

as an aries, i am naturally resistant to compromise when it comes to my nature, my autonomy, my authenticity. the people with whom i have the healthiest relationships are people who do not pressure me to be available to them in ways that are not right for me. they receive and are grateful for my particular brand of medicine, and don’t ask me to offer much else. those who love me and want me in their life really have no choice but to accept my support for what it is.

AND - i believe that level of commitment to individuality and authenticity is important for and available to ALL OF US. i think that’s the direction we’re heading. i think that’s what chiron is aries is helping us heal towards.

these “how to let your people support you” lines are offered somewhat playfully. they certainly do not say it all.

would love to hear which ones resonate for you (based on your own placements and/or those in your life.)

to be very clear, these are suggestions for how your loved ones with these placements might most naturally show up for you. you can also read for your own placements for potential affirmation into how you most naturally can show up for others.

let your ARIES people support you by reminding you of your agency and power, helping you to support yourself.

let your TAURUS people support you by simply being with you, helping you regulate your own nervous system by sharing their grounding presence with you.

let your GEMINI people support you by helping you to see and consider the possibilities you couldn’t find before.

let your CANCER people support you by being in the emotional experience with you. let them tend to your needs emotional and otherwise.

let your LEO people support you by celebrating your wins with you, and letting you know how fucking awesome you are and why when the wins feel sparse.

let your VIRGO people support you by showing you an easier way.let them point out the little changes you could make that would lead you to big relief.

let your LIBRA people support you by helping you come back to center from the extremes of your emotional and mental experiences.

let your SCORPIO people support you by showing you that the darkest deepest scariest most painful moments are okay to have and safe to share.

let your SAGITTARIUS people support you by helping you to contextualize and integrate the challenges you’re facing and the lessons you’re learning.

let your CAPRICORN people support you by helping you breakdown the overwhelm into manageable steps. let them remind you of what you’re capable of when determined and dedicated.

let your AQUARIUS people support you by helping you detangle from your egoic attachments so you can see things from a cooler, more detached place.

let your PISCES people support you by offering you a break from whatever is bringing you down - energy work and reality shifting through divine distraction.

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