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astrology is cosmic mindfulness

if you have or have ever attempted a meditation or mindfulness practice you are probably are familiar with the concept of observing thoughts from a place of non attachment and non judgement. mindfulness meditation teaches us to be a witness to the process of the mind. it introduces us the possibility of an existence that is not governed by thoughts. (a potentially life changing realization.)

in human design, it is taught that the mind is the passenger - not the driver. mindfulness meditation first introduces and then facilitates a way of existence that liberates us from control of the mind.

for me, a mindfulness practice came in the form of my introduction to yoga. yoga sutra 1.2 - yogas citta-vritti-nirodhah means “yoga is the stilling of the changing states of the mind.”

citta-vritti translates to the fluctations of the mind, and in a yoga practice (whether it is asana, dyana, dharana, or another limb) much of what we are doing is minding those fluctuations so as to not get caught up in them. through this, we learn that there is an “i” behind the thinking mind. we meet another dimension of our Self.

like the contents of the mind, the events of our lives are in constant fluctuation. like thoughts, these events and circumstances are a part of being human. we are here to have these experiences. and also like thoughts, we don’t need to be doomed to an existence that is ruled by our external circumstances or mental reactions to them.

integrating the language of the cosmos and an awareness of it’s movements in our process of witnessing our own lives and the state of our collective experience is a way to connect to the “i” behind our earthly experience.

observing astrological cycles, like observing the breath, is a way to remember the cyclical nature of things. a way to zoom out, as saturn and jupiter in aquarius would like us to, that helps us see a greater timeline, the larger picture.

what i’m talking about is not bypassing. it’s about having (at least) one foot firmly rooted in the third dimension, and the other (sometimes) stepping beyond.

when we are able to experience the changing tides of our lives in a way that welcomes and embraces the embodied experience but from a vantage point that preserves our connection to the “i” that is witnessing these fluctuations from a place of eternity, we can have the experience that consciousness wants to have through our life without getting completely entangled in the web of it.

i like to call this spiritual encompassing. it’s not about going around the physical tangible circumstances, no matter how painful. it’s about acknowledging them, but staying tethered to the part of you that is god, that is witnessing the part of you that is human, as you step through.


practice some cosmic mindfulness with me at the astrology of why we feel "stuck" and how to exist, considering, live on december 19th, 2021, and available for purchase afterwards on my workshop recordings page.

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