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YOUR BODY IS DONE operating out of alignment.

YOUR BODY IS DONE carrying you through what is not in your best interest.

YOUR BODY IS DONE carrying you through what does not pertain to your role in the cosmic everythingness.

WE ARE DONE answering to the call of the externally constructed and externally policed demands of capitalism.

WE ARE DONE giving away our existence, our power, our joy, our gifts, to those external demands.

your body is amazing. your body knows. your body is asking you to listen.

LISTEN. (if you'd like.)

i regularly have intimate conversations with people from all walks of life that know in their bodies that the old way is not the way anymore. and yet, they/we all doubt what we know - which makes total sense, given that every aspect of life in this society is designed to keep us in doubt & questioning our somatic brilliance.

if you’ve been feeling stuck between two worlds, blocked, unable to get it up to do the things you used to think you had to do or even wanted to do, unclear about your trajectory, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. this is where we are. the trajectory is unclear. we are lacking perspective to know what is next, for a bit longer.

this is collective recalibration. this is systemic collapse. this is death & birth.

the cosmic & self-verifiable tools that are astro & hd have seeped into every corner of my awareness over the years. they’ve become an alternative lens thru which i experience my life and our shared existence. they provide us with context & frameworks that orient us back into our bodies, our knowing, the truth of our liberation. we can access the potential of true interdependence, actual equilibrium, abundance - all of which are natural and our birthright as earthlings - if we recalibrate our perspective and trajectory from that which has been sold to us as non negotiable truth: the dying paradigm of capitalism/colonialism/fear/lack, and towards what is not only possible but what is true outside of it.

i’ll be back in initiating mode eventually, inviting you to engage with me and others in this process of deprogramming & recalibration in new ways. for now, hop on the email list and/or the patreon for a lil access to me while i’m mostly taking space.

the recalibration happens in small ways first, like in the cobwebby corners of your psyche. in the tiniest decision to divest from old ways of operating. and then it builds up. then there is a tipping point. then there is macro level change.

you don’t have to change your life in a day. you don’t have to blow it all up. you don’t have to quit your job or leave your relationship or move to the woods. but you also don’t have to subscribe externally imposed values and priorities, or even to your old values and priorities.

look for meaning, pathways, and affirmation outside of the system that led you to accept this boring ass, fear based, lack sponsored way of living as the norm. UGH, GROSS.

i don’t know why this wanted to come thru me today. i guess to inform you all of my most updated take on why i do what i do. i’m in the process of recalibration, too. i rarely actually *know* why or what i’m doing.


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