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what are course participants saying about their experience?

"I cannot recommend this course enough! Kelsey is an amazing teacher and creates such a safe container for learning. I have been interested in astrology for years but always felt so overwhelmed when trying to teach myself. Kelsey breaks things down in ways that make the language of astrology easier to comprehend for her students. My knowledge has deepened so much and I feel confident knowing I can continue to build on this foundation. I would definitely take another course from Kelsey!"

"Kelsey is truly an amazing teacher! This intro to astrology course will leave you with a detailed understanding of the building blocks of astrology, so that you can continue to study and learn on your own. So much of what is out there for beginners is confusing and inaccessible for the true beginner. Kelsey blends her deep love, study, and understanding of astrology with the years that she has spent as a teacher and educator. You could not take a better course to begin and/or deepen your understanding of the language of astrology."

"I deeply loved everything about this class. From the time it started and throughout the ten weeks, it was exactly what I needed to keep myself regulated and in connection to a community in an area of extreme interest for me. I also just love learning from Kelsey. They're very concise, organized, and receptive to the experience of sharing information. It's very easy for me to connect with what Kelsey is sharing and the intention they put behind it. I'm very grateful to be their student!" 

“Kelsey's astrology course gave me a solid foundation in astrology in a very short amount of time. Their classes are packed with helpful info that is intuitive and easy to retain, engaging and so much fun. If you are interested in understanding your natal chart, if you are interested in gaining an understanding of astrological fundamentals, and if you want a teacher committed to students and to their craft, look no further!”

"This class really deepened my knowledge of astrology. Kelsey clearly puts a lot of work & love into this offering and inspired me to continue my journey. She references plenty of texts while creating her own original & illuminating content to supplement them. I will definitely be taking other astro courses Kelsey offers in the future!"

"I had a great time and learned a lot. I feel a lot more comfortable with my chart and talking to others about astro. When I listen to podcasts or anything astro now I get these little bursts of clarity on something we talked about really comes through. I enjoy learning from Kelsey, she's got a knack for breaking things down in a way that she sees her students need to understand the material. Yay astrology!"

"This course is excellent for those who want to gain a better of astrology, but aren't sure about committing to something longer and more intense. And for those who feel like poking around of podcasts and books are too impersonal. This class is anything but "basic" however. Kelsey's dedication to offering both breadth and depth of the the building blocks of astrology (planets, signs, aspects, houses) was so impressive. All while relating their teachings to current events and being thoughtful about race and gender. I have such a better understanding of astrology thanks to this class. This class has acted as the perfect springboard for me to leap further, head-first into my study astrology."