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progressed lunar cycles & the process of our lives

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when we relax into the natural order of the lunar cycle, we can relax into the natural unfolding of our lives. this process of waxing and waning light, energy, visibility, and momentum is one that happens across various scales of time; not only the ~28 day lunar cycle, but also a ~28 year progressed lunar cycle.

in a solar, product oriented world, equipped with our limited, dualistic minds as primary sense-makers, it is very easy to resist process in attempts to reach some idea of never ending growth and stagnant stability that doesn’t actually exist in nature.


there are times for high activity, high visibility, culmination, and beaming clarity. there are times for momentum building and working towards. and there are times for reflection, adjustment, letting go, and evaporating into the unknown.


each of us is experiencing the above process on a ~28.5 year cycle referred to as secondary lunar progressions. 


in this workshop you will work your way towards an integrated understanding of these long term cycles of waxing and waning as applied your natal chart & your life unfolding, while calibrating to three different dimensions of the conscious experience:


  • “real” time, aka the actual lunar cycle

  • natal lunar phases (your “home” lunar phase)

  • large life chapters, aka secondary progressed lunar cycles (28.5 years)


the content of this workshop is accessible regardless of your astrological literacy level so long as you have access to your calculated progressed lunar phases. you can navigate this free report from astro-seek or purchase a personalized moon report from me (available only through november 15, 2023.)

choose your level of engagement:

$40 - no limit

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