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Originally referred to as the 12 Places, the houses in astrology show us territory of our lives in which the planetary and sign energies most directly play out.


It’s typical for the astrology student to feel a sense of confusion about why certain topics belong together in certain houses, or to have difficulty grasping the rooted meaning behind each house. This workshop presents a combination of history, astronomy, and psychology to clarify the house delineations, supporting the participants to arrive to a more grounded and intuitive approach to interpreting the houses.


In addition to strengthening the foundational understanding of the meaning of the houses, this class also focuses on introducing a number of more intermediate and advanced... Read More



Working with the Moon

Ditch the gregorian calendar and get with the moon! Or at least refine your blend of the two.

Embracing Lunar Rhythms is an offering designed to support the beginner to intermediate+ level astrologer in better understanding the lunar cycle and how to apply it to their daily, weekly, and moon-thly, life.

The moon in astrology represents our reflected emotional experiences. When we tune into the phases of the moon, we can more deeply tune into our own internal landscape. When we know how to align our lives with the changes of the moon, we can tap into a more harmonious flow.  Read More

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to explore astrology more deeply, check out the live group course ASTROLOGY FOR YOUR SELF - starts March 2021

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