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RELATING ~ a libra season lunar series


go inward. we'll help.

with each major moon phase of this libra season / lunar cycle (aka weekly), receive to your email inbox an assortment of written, audio, and experiential treats, including:

☾ a short written & audio forecast of the main plot point of the lunar cycle for that week and it’s context in regards to re-shaping relational dynamics

☾ a prompt, meditation, &/or reflection

☾ a suggested relationship-oriented, creative & caring activity or task

all of the above will be designed to take you inward in examination and expansion of your awareness in relationship to help you cultivate more love, flexibility, and interdependence in your approach to the care of self, the other, community, and the world. 


emails are delivered on moonday each week, beginning with the new moon on september 25th  and ending with the last quarter moon on october 17th.

the loose outline of the thematic cycle is:

☾ new moon in libra: establish your inner harmony

☾ first quarter moon in capricorn: let love take root in your world

☾ full moon in aries: take responsibility for your own needs, celebrate autonomy

☾ last quarter moon in cancer: rewrite the script for care


in addition to a weekly email full of treats, you'll also receive a code to download one of my two astrology workshops most focused on interdependence - you get to pick:

  • recommended* - interdependence through the cardinal signs 

  • approaching community & relationality through an exploration of the houses

*this one is recommended for anyone who hasn't already viewed this - especially for anyone who is an astro-beginner &/or anyone new to my framework of understanding interdependence through cardinal aspects. 


note - we need at least 20 people to sign up in order to financially support the transmission/output - and this came thru very last minute, you are invited to help share and spread the word ♥


if the minimum isn't hit by sunday (9/25).  a full refund will be issued to all who signed up. 

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