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Reiki means "universal life force energy."


When we are consciously interacting with Reiki energy, we are aligning ourselves with spirit in it's highest form. The experience of a reiki session varies for each individual as well as from session to session, but generally, one can expect to enter a state of deep relaxation with lasting healing benefits on the physical, energetic, and spiritual levels.  


Reiki can be shared during an in-person session or long distance. In-person sessions take place in my home studio or at Inner Sense Healing Arts, both of which are in the Avondale/Logan neighborhood of Chicago, IL. When you book a session, I will reach out to confirm a location or that the session will take place remote.

In Person Reiki Sessions

I offer reiki sessions at 30 minutes or 60 minutes for those seeking to experience

the calming and energetically cleaning benefits that reiki offers. In person sessions can be done with or without touch, and I will always ask for your preference and your consent in regards to touch. 

Distance Reiki Sessions

Reiki transcends space and time, and can be offered from a distance. I recommend the 30 minute session for distance reiki, which can but does not have to include a ~5 minute check in on the phone or on video at the beginning and/or end of a session. 

Reiki Certification & Attunement

For those interested in becoming attuned to Reiki and beginning a self reiki practice

or a professional one, I also offer both public and private certification level classes.

Check to see if I have upcoming public reiki classes here, or book a private certification below. 

Click below to learn more on what is included in each of the certification classes:

reiki session - 30 min
30 min
reiki session - 60 min
1 hr
private reiki certification - level 1
6 hr
private reiki certification level 2
6 hr

level 1 reiki certification


In the Level 1 Reiki Class, students will learn a brief history of reiki, techniques for self reiki treatment and for sharing reiki with others, the Reiki Principles, Code of Ethics, and Standards of Practice. Energetically, students will receive a general introduction to reiki through the attunement which will place the energy in their system. The class will include discussion, meditation, energy work, and practicing reiki techniques.


Upon completion of the class, students will receive a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner certificate and will be able to practice reiki on themselves, friends, family, pets, plants, objects, and spaces. It is not encouraged that Reiki Practitioners charge for treatments until after completing a Level 2 Class.

Prerequisite: None! Anyone with an interest and open mind can attend a Level 1 Class.

Whether you are interested in practicing reiki professionally, casually with loved ones, or on your self,

becoming reiki attuned can support your intentions of healing and self discovery.


Note: while it is not required to have received a reiki treatment prior to taking the class,

past experience with reiki can certainly help to provide context that may be useful

in discussing and beginning to work with the energy.


Cost of the class includes a manual from The Reiki Institute that covers

material for both the Level 1 and Level 2 Classes.


level 2 reiki certification

The Level 2 Reiki Class & Certification utilizes the Usui Holy Fire system of reiki and is appropriate for any Reiki practitioners who have received the Level 1attunement or placement in any system of Reiki. If you completed your Level 1 Certification with a different teacher, I will just need to see your certificate or other proof of cetification in order to confirm that you have completed Level 1


This class will expand on the techniques learned and connections created in the Level 1 class with an emphasis on sharing the Reiki energy with others. We will review concepts from Level 1 including the Reiki Principles, Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and techniques for self healing as well as learn additional techniques to deepen a self practice and being a practice with others. Energetically, students will receive the Level 2 placement (also known as the attunement) which will deepen their connection to the Reiki energy as well as attune them to the Reiki symbols. The symbols allow for a more immediate connection to the energy as well as access to the subtle qualities that each symbol invokes.



Students who complete this training will receive a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner certificate. At this level, it is considered appropriate for practitioners to use reiki in professional settings.



master teacher reiki certification


This level of Reiki training requires a commitment that is quite significant for many people both financially and with time. It is recommended that Reiki Practitioners wait at least 6 months

after receiving the Level 2 Placement before pursuing this level.

Please inquire if you'd like information on the master teacher level certification. 


Content covered in this class includes:

History & lineage review
Review of Level 1 techniques
Reiki symbols
Distance Healing
Additional techniques

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