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your big fat assumptions are ruining your life (or at least making it less enjoyable)

we make a lot of assumptions based on our past, our habits, old patterns and relationships, and loads and loads of conditioning.

we make assumptions in relationship about what others think of us and feel towards us, and we especially love to make assumptions about what other people need from us - often ones that become our rationale for abandoning our own most sacred needs.

we make assumptions about our own trajectories based on a fallacy that the ego-mind loves to perpetuate; that it is in control of the unfolding of our lives, and that there are right and wrong decisions it can make that lead us towards ultimate success or failure and that have led us to this particular good or bad moment whichever judgement our mind is presently resting on.

we make assumptions about the Meaning of Things on tiny and massive scales that shape our entire experience of reality.

our assumptions are never the Whole Truth, and at times are pretty fucking far from resembling even a fraction of it.

our own perspective, past, patterns, and conditioning - as they portray themselves via the mechanisms of our very self-centered, dualistic minds - could literally never ever, even if it had infinite tries, grasp the Whole Truth.

- could never perfectly capture the actual energetic exchange and complexity of dynamic between ourselves and anyone we’re in relationship with.

- could never construct a future plan that holds a candle to the spirit-sanctioned timeline trajectories that our actually available to us.

- could never fully land on a truly All Encompassing Meaning.


assumptions are inevitable. we are equipped with these 3D perception machines (minds) whose job it is to see patterns and make meaning out of what we’ve perceived in the past and to use that data to project our perceptions of the future.

these minds aren’t going anywhere. and neither are our assumptions.


assumptions are malleable. as we decondition, we chip away at hardened and obstructive narratives that once ruled our entire lives when we fully believed they were the truth. assumptions that once fit the bill reveal themselves in the present to be unnecessarily limiting agents of self sabatoge - and often just as delusional as you once imagined your dreams and wildest fantasies were.

and perhaps most importantly - your R E L A T I O N S H I P to the assumptions your mind makes is also malleable. once you lock into an awareness that your mind is but a passenger on this ride of self-reflected consciousness, you have access to a whole library of living breathing moving changing assumptions. you can start to rent those assumptions like library books that you trade out rather than claiming ownership over them and hoarding them all in pile in a dark corner of your house-brain that is collecting dust and is never revisited and eventually grows large enough to take over your entire house-perception. (kudos if you followed that run-on metaphor to it’s completion.)

the dance of locking into and out of and back into this awareness of passenger consciousness is it. it’s the whole thing. it is what this life is. and it’s the key (♀!) to experiencing the liberation and presence that is your birthright. the ease and acceptance that has always been available to you. the perspective that is usually getting shoved out of view by a bunch of big fat assumptions.


next month, i am beginning a fresh cycle of exploration into my own assumptions and perceptions and of taking even more radical responsibility for the way i relate to my mind’s assumptions, to my self, to others, and to life.

i’m placing venus at the center of this experience, i’m bringing 15 other passengers along with me, and i’m naming the journey VENUSIAN REVOLUTION.

venus is the principle of relating. her glyph is the circle of spirit over the cross of matter. i often consider her to be the force within and around us that orients our spirit’s relationship to matter, to earth, to physical life and all it entails.

she is the part of our experience of alive-ness that is mirroring our consciousness back to us via matter aka the 3rd dimensional circumstances of our lives.

v e n u s i a n r e v o l u t i o n will follow venus through one full revolution of the zodiac, registering, assessing, challenging, interrupting, clarifying, and expanding our sense of connection and relationship* through each of the prismatic lenses of zodiacal oneness.

*we're talking connection and relationship in the obvious, interpersonal ways, and also the multidimensional personal, conditional, collective, internal, spiritual, energetic ways

we’ll be using the frameworks of astrology and human design primarily, along with various other cross curricular and multimodal approaches to our personal journeys and our witnessing of one another as mirrors within our closed container.

i have a lot of assumptions about how it might go (which are mutating every day both in regards to their substance as well as their hold on me), but i’m also committed to remaining myself a passenger: along for the ride and surrendered to wherever it is that Venus takes us as driver and whatever it is she will have in store for us as teacher.

it's not possible to sum up in a few short words exactly what v e n u s i a n r e v o l u t i o n will look like or exactly how it will transform you, and it really didn't sound fun at all to even try to make that work in the form of any sort of convincing sales page - so instead i've shared all sorts of information about the creative vision in a cute lil trip brochure, with pages including:

  • what it is & who it's for

  • themes & timeline

  • components & format

  • FAQ

  • pricing

i've already been through two waves of private enrollment, and the van is just about halfway full. there’s room for ~6-7 more passengers, and if you’re feeling drawn to maybe hopping into the venus-van with us, i have a lot more specific information for you in the trip brochure. take a looksie, if you so desire!

applications for this final wave of enrollment are open now, and remain open until 3/11 or until the van is full. we begin our road trip mid march.

hop in!

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