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you have been preparing for this

this post was originally shared via social media on april 3, 2020, as a reflection and an offering of guidance around the transition to this new world, marked by the COVID pandemic.

You have been preparing for this. You can handle this. ⁣ Your brain may not be ready. But You are. ⁣ In between the sometimes dominating moments of fear, uncertainty, and panic these last few weeks, I’ve experienced moments of knowing, trusting, and peace. I’ve noticed some of the ways in which my past self has prepared me for now. Whether it’s the work I’ve done with my relationship to productivity, the practices I’ve adopted that offer grounding during times of unease, or other more mundane things like stocking up, everything before carried me to now.⁣ An incredible thing about faith is that it works in all directions - across time and space, back and forth, up and down, in and out, within and without. I know that my past actions, past trials, past challenges, past hopes, past lessons, and past transformations, are deeply connected to what is being asked of me now. ⁣ This makes it easier to have faith that my current circumstances are also preparing me for what is to come. I don’t have to know what is next to be able to trust in this fully. ⁣ Both my partner and I experienced deaths in our families in February - an emotional and mental preparation for the theme of death to come. ⁣ I’ve spent the last three years of my life in what has felt like a permanent state of transition. I’ve become quite comfortable with not knowing what is next. I’ve been training for this. ⁣ On a more mundane note, I seemingly irrationally chose to stock up on toilet paper, frozen veggies, coconut oil, and other household things in feb before I left town for three weeks. And last week, when I was feeling sick and having trouble breathing, I found two kinds of teas at the bottom of my tea basket that I’d read were good for lung support - both had been gifted to me over the past year or so by close friends.My whole universe has helped me become ready for this.⁣ This sentiment has been reflected back to me in others’ reflections, and I’m curious; What are you thanking your past self and divine timing for, that has helped you to prepare for the circumstances of now? Would love to know your examples and to find comfort together in this simple truth.⁣

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