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when you read my anti-capitalism posts and perceive self-pity you are missing & proving the point.

another instagram post being added to the blog a bit later.

this one was originally written on july 18th, 2020, and is inspired in part by family/friends/strangers who slide into my dms and comment sections to tell me to work harder and in part by @meljplank + @jinglenance who enable me to process/preach with my whole body while sitting around bonfire.

to those of you who are having feelings about my contentious relationship with capitalism,

when you read my anti-capitalism posts and you perceive self-pity you are m i s s i n g t h e p o i n t e n t i r e l y .

capitalism teaches us to be concerned with our own personal success / financial security and steers us away from consideration of the collective experience and well-being.

capitalism trains us to assume something is wrong with a person (ourselves and others) if they (or we) can't find financial security.

capitalism's competitive-by-design nature keeps nearly all of us down but compels enough of us to stay complicit by convincing us that we're superior to those with less than us. (less money, less work ethic, whatever it is we perceive to be the reason for our superiority.)

i call out capitalism not because i want more money for myself but because i know that e v e r y o n e is worthy of having their basic needs met (including me).

when you believe you are worthy, you can deem others worthy, too. when you assume that others' must not be worthy of a comfortable life, well, that's a projection of your own self worth.

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