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we are each a channel for something

[originally written & shared on january 13, 2021]

i spend most (if not all) of my time with the notion of differentiation humming in the back of my mind - always tuned in to the endlessness of difference between the perspective and experience of each human life, even though the human experience in itself is such a definitive and shared plight/blessing for all of us. i find the simultaneous nature of our sameness and our difference to be ripe with opportunity for comfort and challenge and curiosity.

(this is why i love astrology, and now increasingly so human design as well. these are systems that allow us to peer right into the eyes of our difference while also honoring our sameness)


we are the same in that we are each a channel.

we are different in that we are each a channel for something unique to us alone.

no human-channel is meant to bring into the world the same thing as another human-channel. and yet, no human-channel has more or less significance or worthiness than another.

you are here to experience and/or learn and/or transmit and/or process and/or share SOMETHING. and in fact you are already doing it. tune in to engage more fully with what it is. witness your already unfolding truth. you can get glimpses of it from seeing yourself reflected back at you from those that love you, too.

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