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venus retrograde, unconditional friendship love, & autonomy

i wrote down these friendship notes (affirmations? agreements?) as they came thru during a meditation last night.

i felt compelled to share them as a reminder of the unconditional love that i feel towards all of you, my friends, & as a statement of my advocacy for your self-prioritization.

i also recognize their timely arrival during a moment when both the astro and my experience point towards potential for messy lines of communication and reevaluation of relationship needs.

venus is retrograding her way toward a conjunction with mercury, all the while square to neptune. venus retrograde invites us to reflect on our values in relationships and otherwise. while she’s sharing sky space with mercury, this invitation for introspection may arrive as a result of words exchanged between loved ones (or not-so-much-loved ones) that leave us feeling any type of way.

neptune’s part in all this includes added confusion but also heightened potential for reimagining how we relate & communicate.

my healthiest & longest term relationships all seem to be built on the shared understanding that each person should prioritize their own self first. as a natal venus (and sun and mercury) in aries, self-prioritization comes easily to me and i am straight up turned on by my friends and partners taking care of their own damn selves first. i love being and receiving supplemental support in my relationships, & knowing that autonomy is expected and encouraged.


friends, i love you unconditionally. i honor your autonomy.

i love you even when you don’t respond to my texts, whether you meant to or not

i feel close to you even when we go long stretches without checking in

i know that you love me, even when you don’t have space or time (or just don’t want) to hang out, to talk, to be present for my events / classes / gatherings / shows.

i acknowledge your right to space and to shifting your priorities.

our relationship can endure moments of frustration and misunderstanding. i love you even if we might annoy one another from to time.

our connection transcends space and time and societal norms.

i am grateful to know you in this life.

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