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there are many roads to knowing

[the post below was originally shared to instagram on 2/17/2020 as a part of the ESSENTIAL DIGNITY portion of the Dignity Babes online astrology community discussion.]

a handful of fellow #dignitybabes have already shared some incredible info on WHAT EVEN IS ESSENTIAL DIGNITY.

my contribution is a handy #essentialdignities graphic (scroll down to check it out!) and a wandering personal narrative on how essential dignities have supported my intuitive astrology practice.

if you’re not familiar with this ancient doctrine, (or even if you are), some prerequisites to my thoughts below are recent posts by (instagram tags):






& other posts that have been tagged with #dignitybabes

M Y T H O U G H T S O N D I G N I T Y . . .

. . . that i presently feel most called to share are around my experience learning them as a means to access my INTUITION and to channel divine information through technical processes.

many of my role models in the fields of astro, tarot, reiki, & yoga came into this world with an intuitive prowess already seemingly fully developed at birth. THAT’S NOT ME!!!

it took me (and continues to take me) years of practicing these modalities to step into a place of comfort with my own authentic way of engaging with these modalities and with my intuition.

i like systems. structures. hard lines. categories. steps. processes. i used to see my affinity for these things as a barrier to my intuition. as a sign that i wasn’t meant to actually experience magic or connection to spirit in this lifetime.

real glad i figured out i was wrong.

i know now that there are many roads to intuition. to god. to knowing. astrology happens to be my favorite one, and i imagine that’s because it’s packed to the brim with systems that have helped me and billions of humans throughout history to access this collective spiritual wisdom that is the language of astrology / of the gods.

some folx’ roads to intuition won’t use concrete lines, systems, categories. that’s dope. mine absolutely requires that contextualization, and that’s dope too.

some folx’ astrology practices won’t use traditional hellenistic techniques like essential dignities. that’s great. my astrology practice (& my outlook on life) most certainly benefits from it’s use.

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