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"the path of spirituality is a knife edge between abysses"

[originally written & shared on january 4, 2021.]

"the path of spirituality is a knife edge between abysses" - aldous huxley

i pulled the king of wands for the card that carries the message for "SOFTEN" tonight - my biweekly monday evening tarot, movement, and reiki class.

in the guidebook for she wolfe tarot (pictured in the 2nd image), @serpentfire includes the aldous huxley quote shared above when writing about the king of wands, which provided an impetus for me to think about the duality of the king of wands in a new way.

i sat with this sentiment a bit this morning. visualized myself walking along the knife edge, dark, endless abysses on either side. i listened for more context. i heard:

it is not our aim to remain on that edge in avoidance of what is on either side. it is our aim to allow for the freedom to fall to either side, to both sides, while remaining tethered to the center.

i imagined one abyss as the spiritual realm - where we know of our connection to source, to everything. where we understand that we are more than our human bodies and our human lives. where there is peace that is undisturbed by anything we might encounter in the material realm.

i imagined the other abyss as the earthly realm - where we come in order to experience fragments of this wholeness we are born of. what we encounter here is available for us to explore, to process, to integrate, to play.

in our lives we can exist in either or both abysses at once. if we fall so deeply into one that we lose sight of the other, we might lose hope or clarity or understanding or will. but the truth is that we are always tethered to the knife edge between them. that is our birthright. that is the human condition.

neither is escapable - your divinity nor your humanity.

the king of wands knows this. exemplifies this. masterfully walks the line, and permits deep dives into either realm knowing that one is never truly separable from the other.



i teach “soften” every other monday evening - including tonight at 5p PT / 8p ET.

class begins with a long meditation in which i offer a message from the tarot. then we move gently, autonomously, & mindfully with the breath for about 30 min before resting into. register through

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