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the 5 of cups & this eclipse moment

spiritual transformation is in large part the process of shedding illusions. on the other side of our illusions (ie conditioning, sense of disconnection from the truth that we are god), is liberation.

but the process of releasing illusions is not a comfortable one. it’s fucking hard.

i pulled the 5 OF CUPS as the card that carries the message for tonight’s class (soften: gentle yoga, reiki, & intention, with inner sense healing arts.) it is a card i am not surprised to encounter in this moment between two eclipses.

eclipses rearrange us, down to our core. they show us, often times unexpectedly, what illusory truths we’ve been deceived by.

and with the loss of illusion, we may experience the loss of security - in the form of things, relationships, identity, future plans, even worldviews and spiritual beliefs.

as we are free falling away from our illusions, before we hit the ground and have the chance to assess the damage and begin the process of healing, we exist in a moment of despair, grief, uncertainty, maybe regret. this is a 5 of cups moment.

this disruption from regular programming - maybe from our favorite form of escape - is inescapable. we must face what has been revealed, no matter how painful this revelation is.

we need not long for what was, because what was is forevermore contained within us. we need not fear what is ahead, because what lies ahead we are able to meet with greater care and with a renewed clarity - the consolation prizes of the present unraveling.

that leaves us in the now. in this disorienting moment. how do we soften into this discomfort and allow for ourselves to be just where we are? can we use our presence in this moment to welcome the feelings of sorrow and loss? can we use our presence in this moment to hold reverence for the process of metamorphosis which we are now undergoing?

moments of grief and despair are our teachers, if we let them be.

we are surrounded by love in many forms. when one form falls away, we mourn, and we eventually turn to another.

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