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[originally written & shared on december 31, 2020]

let me set the astro-scene: venus has just passed a conjunction with the south node, ruled by jupiter in aquarius, and the moon is in leo nearly exactly opposite jupiter (and saturn) and approaching a square with uranus as i write this.

my point:

there is a lot of emphasis on the social aspect of life at the moment. social as in: how we relate to others, how we compare ourselves to others, our sense of belonging, acceptance, appreciation, support, and celebration within our relationships and social groups. and there is ripe opportunity to release and breakthrough relationship patterns.

my story:

this morning i had two long and unexpected phone calls with close friends, both of which ended up consisting of reflection of relationship dynamics. specifically, i did some processing on how i am privileged to be in abundance of healthy relationships in which i have had many opportunities to practice and observe and stumble and learn how to be in collaborative and mutually supportive relationship with people.

i recognize that not everyone has this, and i found a new reserve of patience and acceptance for the more challenging relationships i am in, noting that these relationships may serve as the practice field for others to explore healthier relationship dynamics.

at the end of one of my convos this morning i glanced at the chart to look for a reflection in the stars of this experience of spending 2.5 hours unexpectedly on the phone processing about relationship dynamics with loved ones, and immediately saw/remembered - oh right, venus conjunct the south node.

venus is representative of the way we relate to others / everything around us. venus shows us how we feel connected and what to. the glyph for venus, as my teacher rhea wolfe points out, looks a little like a handheld mirror. when we relate to things or people, we are inherently understanding them through a lens that is also a reflection of our own perceptions, biases, insecurities, etc.

the south node is indicative of where tendencies and patterns have built up and can stand to be emptied out. south node transits are cosmic garbage days.

venus on the south node is an invitation to notice which of our ways of relating to people and to the world around us are actually toxic build up, and not helpful or necessarily even true. (what even does tRuE mean? - an especially potent question with venus/s.node in sag)

some ways i am noticing venus/snode reflected in my sphere:

people are checking their relationship to social media, and in many cases taking breaks from it.

social media can be such an amazing venus-tool for connection, but it can also accelerate us towards developing and dwelling in patterns of judgement, comparison, and resentment - some less lovely venus things - that could stand to be released.

i see trends of people airing resentments for the types of things they’re seeing being posted, and/or for how their friends & followers interact with them online.

i’ve also noticed that i am especially sensitive right now to the tendency towards using relationships for personal gain, which i suppose isn’t inherently entirely problematic, but which i’ve felt quite turned off by when i’ve sensed it recently. social media can feed into this way of relating, too.

i am observing curiously with the venus/south node conjunction in mind.

the thoughts shared in images on the previous post are tangentially related to what i’ve shared in this text. they are the lyrics i jotted down to the background music that was humming in my head as i spoke with friends on the phone earlier today. they are helpful reminders when sorting through judgement, comparison, or resentment in relationships - on or off social media.

i’ll also add, as i try to explicitly name from time to time in accompaniment to my instagram preaching, that everything i share / teach is a reflection of things i am also working through. if i’m exclaiming it, i’m also learning it.

. . . . . .

image descriptions - the following text over an image of a rainbow in the sky reflected in the water, with different shades for each sentence / frame:

other people’s joy does not compromise yours.

other people’s joy is not a threat to yours.

joy is not a limited resource.

display of joy is not indicative of a lack of struggle or pain.

joy can be found within hardship can be found within joy.

comparison, judgement, & resentment are invitations for self study.

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