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meeting all of our parts

our natal placements are the gateways through which we realize our access to the full, circular, spiralic range of the zodiac and of our multidimensional selves and shared realities.

the signs in which each of us carries natal emphases are the energies that introduce us to the rest of the network.

we are tethered to these signs, not in the sense of imprisonment, but in the vein of lineage.

i met myself and the world first through my natal placements, and those frequencies helped me get to know wholeness and all of its other parts intimately.

through my aries placements, i have met the singular, autonomous, distilled organic expression of every sign.

through my sagittarius placements, i have come to know the contextual need that each sign offers towards understanding and towards the ongoing fluctuations of beliefs that shape reality.

through my gemini placements, i have conversed with every other zodiacal perspective with curiosity enough to delight and detachment enough to refrain from judgement.

through my virgo placements, i have gotten to know the ways in which every sign’s differentiated devotions can serve the others most thoughtfully and effectively.

through my capricorn placements, i have witnessed the outcome of these parts of us coming together and falling apart in an endless variety of combinations and circumstances, and gained wisdom on what tends to lead to palpable success, and what does not.

i observe relationships to other vessels of these energies - both people and planets (synastry and transits) as an opportunities to become intimate with new and transient layers of these other dimensions of ourselves. the lessons are dynamic and impermanent in nature, inviting integration across the elemental realms of our being.

dropping off somewhat inconclusively here. feeling this is a seed of a work in progress, but wanted to give it some air.

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