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meanderings on cycles

[originally written and posted on december 21, 2020.]

there is no moment that does not contain the imprint of what came before and the potential of what lies ahead.

cycles consist of parts besides beginnings and endings.

astrological events are not happening explicitly outside of us.

hope is not the antithesis to practicality. hope exists within reckoning. hope contains critical thinking around what is and what has been.


i share, in these phrases above, some not fully fleshed out meanderings on today’s astro and cycles in general as inspired by the 9 of cups i pulled this morning - an invitation to allow for hopefulness without bypassing adversity.

today marks two significant astrological events: the winter solstice & the jupiter saturn conjunction.

although jupiter finally caught up to saturn today, at 0° aquarius, the two planets have been co-present with one another, confronting one another, for over a year.

to understand what this conjunction and this shift means, we need to tune into the way that jupiter and saturn have been functioning within us up to this point.

in capricorn, saturn thrived and jupiter was challenged. consider saturn as representing consensus reality, limitation, karma, and jupiter as representing morality, expansion, and hope. this last year with both planets hanging out in capricorn has required our hopes to reckon with our reality. can you feel that for yourself? for the world?

but our hopes didn’t perish. they just needed to be reconstructed. renegotiated, maybe. and now as jupiter surpasses saturn in aquarius, as both planets get a fresh perspective in aquarius on their duties of seeing things for what they are (saturn) and for what they could be (jupiter), this dynamic of renewed, determined vision is also alive within each of us.

as day begins to overcome night, we prepare to move into a new year and eventually spring having been changed from the year behind us, just as our sleep each night affects our waking the next morning.

the adversity faced in our past is a part of our story and a part of our future.

take time to be present with what was so that your what-could-be is rooted in truth.

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