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learning astrology [#dignitybabes]

learning astrology is learning humility.

learning astrology is surrendering to all that you do not and will never know.

learning astrology is is learning to recognize archetypes, patterns, and cycles, and using them to peer into the depths of your soul.

learning astrology is creating your own, unique, authentic, dialogue with the universe.

learning astrology is opening yourself to a channel of exponentially expanding understanding while simultaneously coming to terms with the fact that don’t and will never know everything.

learning astrology is submitting to a process that will literally never end.

learning astrology will change your life.

how should you do it? exactly however you want to. astrology often begins as an interest and becomes a lifestyle. my friend & fellow dignity babe @justgogleason wrote a beautiful article called “the shift,” all about this.

when you’re beginning a study of astrology you are likely to also be opening up to a new way of understanding the world, the universe, spirituality, and your place in it. and you’re likely to find that your existence is both connected to everything and also wholly one of a kind. your astrology practice is YOURS, and your path to knowing astrology won’t look exactly like anyone else’s. starting with an in depth evolving understanding of your own chart will help to bolster your own self study, and guide you towards the path to understanding (astrology, spirit, whatever) that is meant for you.

but, i’m obsessed with teaching & learning (even more than i am with astro?! maybe?!) so here are some tips from my experience both learning & teaching astro.

START WITH THE BASICS. memorize them. elements, modalities, glyphs, rulerships, houses, aspects. there are so many mini systems within the massive unquantifiable system that is astro which will make the galactic feat of learning it feel more approachable. it’s easy to get stuck in the complexity of the techniques, but if you start from the foundations, much if is actually quite simple.

WE ARE LITERALLY LEARNING THE LANGUAGE OF GOD. so, have some humility, and have some patience.

LEAVE SPACE FOR NUANCE, LAYERS, EXPERIENCE. when i talk to my non-pro-astro friends about how little i actually know and call myself a srsly baby astrologer, i am often met with eye rolls and claims of imposter syndrome. but the thing is, once you start learning astrology, it becomes blindingly evident that you will never know all there is to know. you also become aware at how much learning astrology is simply witnessing cycles and transits over time. the more time, the better.

BE AROUND ASTROLOGY & ASTROLOGERS. get astrologer friends around you, often. but also, get their consent and/or pay them for answering your questions. go to local astro socials (if you’re in chi - @innersensehealingarts). listen to astrology podcasts (literally how i learned for the first 2 years - thank you @theastrologypodcast). go to conferences. SERIOUSLY GO TO CONFERENCES. they will change your life.

DO IT HOW YOU WANT TO. like learning thru books? get a book. prefer a tutor or a class? do that. (hi! i can help.) interested in evolutionary or traditional or medical or fixed stars or asteroids or synastry? start there and then follow the spark of your interest. it led you to astrology, trust it to lead you through it, too.

DON’T GIVE AWAY YOUR POWER. remember that you know your chart better than anyone else. as you are learning your own natal chart, stay grounded in the intelligence of your own knowing. don’t shrink yourself or change form to fit a description you read about your mars in cancer. find the overlap between what you read and what you already know. start there, and allow for the nuance and layered understanding to come through.

this post is a part of the #dignitybabes conversation, sparked by @etshipley, @astrologywithcello, @charmastrology, @ddamascenaa, &, @justjogleason. please follow along & join in for more super important discussions about learning, practicing, and sharing astrology.

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