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kairos & kronos: on time, on apocalypse, a little on astrology

one way to translate the word “apocalypse” is “the end of time.” another way is, “the lifting of the veil.” consider these two together, and you might arrive to - “time is the veil.”

i do think of this period of time we’re in as apocalyptic. but i don’t think of it as the end of the world. i think of it as the end of time.

when i say “the end of time,” i’m not thinking of everything stopping. i’m thinking of the end of the illusion of time.

when i say the end of the illusion of time, i mean the release of an over emphasis of kronos, and an embracing of kairos. these are 2 words in the greek language for time. kronos = chronological time, like what we think of when we speak of time in the english language. time the way that saturn dictates it. the gregorian calendar: minutes, days, weeks, years, measures kronos time.

kairos = the quality of time. how time feels. time if say, neptune, or maybe the moon dictated it. we don’t have a word for kairos in english. so we tend not to value it, or even consider it’s existence.

tuning into kairos can mean tuning into astrological rhythms - following the lunar cycle, sun seasons, transits, etc. - but it can also mean simply living in the moment. pausing to notice how you feel, & responding to that noticing. tuning into kairos can mean tuning into your natural rhythms. (macro/micro - your natural rhythms and astrological rhythms are not separate)

anyways, i’m always thinking about this. and a conversation with my dear friend @theenergeticbody this morning reminded me that these ideas which have become cemented in my brain are not in everyone’s sphere of awareness, so i felt like sharing them.

tuning into kairos has been life changing for me. my workshop with @innersensehealingarts next saturday on *embracing lunar rhythms* will touch on some of the tools i’ve used to do so. join me if you’re curious. :)

a part of my 2H saturn return has actually been about grappling with time. time is a resource, and therefore a 2H topic. i actually learned about the concept of kairos for the first time on the day of my EXACT saturn return w/ JP at @pdxastro. astrology is the realest.

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