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Jupiter's Ingress into Capricorn

Today at 12:20pm (Chicago time) Jupiter will move into Capricorn, after spending over a year in it’s home sign of Sagittarius.

Jupiter moving through the signs and houses in your birth chart marks chapters of expansion, learning, growth, and abundance in specific areas of your life. The area of focus depends on your rising sign and changes as Jupiter changes signs about once a year.

I’ve been asking myself and my partner and my friends (and everyone who came to Community Choir last night - perhaps to the dismay of some of them who weren’t expecting astrology with their vocal warm ups) to reflect on what they’ve had an abundance of this year. I invite you to do the same on the very day that the planet of magnification, abundance, and manifestation moves from the sign of expansive truth seeking into the sign of dedicated work, and shifts the spotlight from one area of your life to another.

Sagittarius provided a fitting, audacious, and bold landscape for Jupiter to do it’s big dreaming and expansive thinking. During it’s year long stay in Capricorn, Jupiter will have to work a little differently than it’s used to as he’s made to confront what is actually in front of him rather than just to focus on the stars he wishes to shoot for. Capricorn energy orients us to the physical realm and to the hard work and discipline on the path to success and achievement. Appropriately, whenever a planet is spending its time in Capricorn, it’s just finished time in Sagittarius, so it has the vision, optimism, and passion to fuel the work.

Take a few minutes today to think, write, meditate on, or discuss with a friend what has felt expansive and abundant for you in 2019 (really, since Nov. 2018). In what ways have you or components of your life upgraded or shifted towards something larger than you’d previously been able to fathom? Knowing your rising sign and therefore what house Sag is for you can help you zoom in on what the astrology would indicate was the recipient of the expansive Jupiterian energy, but it’s also pretty cool to just ask yourself and trust what shows up.

After you’ve spent some time acknowledging and holding gratitude for how you’ve shifted, expanded, and grown, begin to visualize yourself materializing these new perspectives and dreams in the physical realm. Acknowledge that materialization takes a considerably different kind of effort than visualization. See yourself coming face to face with obstacles and challenges and facing them still with that boundless enthusiasm that Jupiter offers but within the focused and disciplined structures that Capricorn expects.

I can help you cast your chart if you don’t know how, reach out. And if you want some additional insight on your transits, Jupiter or otherwise, I have an assortment of types of readings at various prices to help you scratch that astro itch.

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