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jupiter in aquarius, a moment of reflection & gratitude

jupiter brought us a depth and clarity of perspective over the last year, helping us to engage with our process of meaning-making from a more zoomed out place.

this transit softened our inherently human tendency to understand from the vantage point of the singular self, and supported us in detangling from certain egoic attachments so that we could understand in a less personal, more galactic way.

i hope that this reflection of mine can inspire a moment of clarity, meaning making, & gratitude in you for this transit that comes to a completion.

as much as my jupiter-ruled self is excited about jupiter’s ingress into a home sign tonight/tomorrow, i’m also already feeling nostalgia for the gift of knowing that jupiter’s time in aquarius brought me.

among other things, 2021 was the year that my public astrology practice began to incorporate aspects of forecasting. this year some shit unlocked & concretized (both in general and in regards to my astro-awareness) that resulted in the planetary happenings becoming fully cemented in my lens, my knowing, and my being. now, what we call “forecasting” has essentially become an automatic part of my perception and processes. (3rd house shit.)

i’m reflecting on & sharing this today for a few reasons:

one - this is one way that i am understanding what jupiter in aquarius in my 3rd house has meant for me

two - as an astrology teacher, i want to share that it took seven years (a saturn square) of deep study, practice, and regular integration of the language of astrology for this deep level of concretization to take place. as is often mentioned, seven years is how long it takes for all of the cells in your body to become new. let alternation take the time that it takes. (jupiter and saturn co-presence, eh?).

three - & the main reason i thought to reflect on this today, is that before some of the deepenings of this year, i would say i was “backcaster,” not a forecaster. now i’m very much both. but still, i feel more authentically drawn to the ritual of realizing a transit in retrospect than in anticipation. for me, the potential for embodied integration and expansion available when we understand a transit after the fact is much more powerful than the speculation we engage in when glancing at it from the onset.

so, i invite you all to take some time today, or soon, to sit with what this jupiter in aquarius transit has been about for you.

more context can be found below, beginning with the most basic info regarding this transit and then some more considerations for the astro-literate. there's also a guide to where this transit brought you clarified understanding by rising sign at the bottom.

t h e b a s i c s

jupiter was in aquarius for basically all of 2021 (december 17, 2020 - december 29, 2021, with a brief break in the spring). the last time jupiter was in aquarius before this was (for basically all of) 2009, and the next time jupiter will be in aquarius will begin in 2032.

jupiter = our function of meaning making, understanding the bigger picture, contextualizing, ascertaining wisdom

aquarius = fixed air, last/most zoomed out air sign, having to do with seeing things from a clear, impersonal, detached perspective.

look to the house containing aquarius in your whole-sign natal chart (and/or see the list below by rising sign) - how did these topics begin to make more sense to you in the last year? did you begin to see and understand more clearly here through a process of detachment? how did this area of your life receive support via understanding this year?

jupiter in aquarius in 2021 offered you clearer perspective, greater understanding, & integrated knowing in regards to:

aries risings: your social life, communities, affiliations, group creative endeavors, and collective visions

taurus risings: your ambitions, reputation, career, public image, and the impact you with to make with your life

gemini risings: your worldview, belief systems, philosophy, and perspective on higher education and travel

cancer risings: your finances involving another person, vulnerability, sex, the occult, death, loss, transformation through relationship, enmeshment

leo risings: your partnership(s), the idea of partnership in general, how others reflect you back to yourself

virgo risings: your health, work obligations, physical world responsibilities, and having to deal with being a human in a body on the planet

libra risings: your personal expression, creativity, relationship to children/parenting, what you do for fun and/or leisure, romance, dating

scorpio risings: your past, childhood, private home life, housing, relationship to place/land, ancestry, family of origin, innermost self

sagittarius risings: your habits, behaviors, automatic perceptions and thought patterns, communication, immediate environment, and people proximal to you (siblings, neighbors, etc)

capricorn risings: your money, sense of security materially and otherwise, self worth, skill sets, boundaries, and independence

aquarius risings: your literal existence, sense of self, identity, vitality, body, and general lens/perspective

pisces risings: your connection to spirit / the collective, your relationship to helplessness, surrender, ego death, your divinity, your eternal nature

m o r e c o n s i d e r a t i o n s f o r t h e a s t r o - l i t e r a t e

is aquarius in an angular house for you? if so, jupiter’s time in this house was bringing some added weight to the big crunch of saturn/uranus, and soon to to be the nodes, that are making huge but slow and probably pretty annoying changes in your life. there is still much more labor ahead of you in regard to these topics, but jupiter’s co-presence probably gave you a boosted and supported head start.

how did jupiter in aquarius aspect your natal jupiter? was this year's contextualizing supportive (trine, sextile), challenging (square, opposition) or separate-ish (not aspecting) to your natal jupiterian process?

where are you in your jupiter cycle? the jupiter return is a moment of completion and new beginnings. how far into a jupiter cycle are you now?

how did jupiter in aquarius aspect other natal placements? what parts of you were expanded by this transit (aqua placements), received direct support from this transit (gemini, libra, sagittarius, and aries placements), or were challenged and tasked with adjustment by this transit (leo, scorpio, taurus placements.)


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