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jupiter blessings

this is a jupiter retrograde reflection, before his station direct in august 2019.

where jupiter is in your natal chart can signify where your greatest blessings lie. jupiter highlights an area of your life that you perceive to be bountiful, abundant, joyous.

find where jupiter is in your chart and be reminded of the stuff of your life that gives you faith and meaning. that helps you find your center.

i have jupiter in the 7th house of partnerships. during a stream of consciousness jupiter themed writing assignment not too long ago (shortly after the station retrograde) i realized how damn true it is for me that my partnerships are my greatest blessings and where i find my center.

this is a picture of my best friend and my partner walking home from choir with me this past weekend. i was having a rough day (and week, and summer, and year) but for these few hours that i spent with mel and budway together, all was well in the world and in my psyche and in my heart. this is jupiter.

i have had a true partnership in my best friendship with mel since we met on the bus in middle school. i remember realizing at some point in my 20s that not everyone had a melanie and feeling entirely flabbergasted with the fact that other people had get through life without that solid, grounding friendship that showed up for me with without me even asking for it.

then in college, same thing. budway just like fell into my heart and out of nowhere i was super in love with the most amazing in every way person i could not have imagined even existed who loves me back so much and is my literal home in a human body.

for the past few months, i’ve been walking around thinking, “wow. i have two amazing partners. they give me so much love and life and support and wholeness. thank you jupiter. i am so blessed.” but i’ve been realizing over the last week that it’s not just these two amazing and long term partnerships that my jupiter in the 7th house signifies. it’s the super meaningful and positive and life affirming moments and connections i have with so many of my friends and loved ones. it’s even the 7th-house-like meaningful moments i have with friends, people, and strangers that themselves are more 3rd or 6th or 11th house people to me but with whom i have meaningful connections with from time to time.

i’ve had a rough summer (most of us have, i know) and it’s given me an opportunity (jupiter word) to really notice what is getting me through it. it’s my jupiter. i’m so grateful for all of my 7th house people and moments. i have so many.

this post is not to brag about how great my best friend and partner and people are or how great my life is.

i’m tooting my own jupiter horn because i’ve been feeling grateful and because my understanding of that placement in my own chart has been expanding. but also - i want to share the abundance.

a distinction i’ve been thinking about a lot lately is that the houses in astrology are not the areas of our lives themselves but rather how we experience and perceive the areas of our life. so, yeah, i have a ton of amazing people in my life that i am lucky to call my partners and friends, but also, i am wired somehow to find joy and meaning and grounding and faith through those people and those relationships and those connections.

you also are wired to find joy and meaning and grounding, somewhere.

during this last bit of jupiter retrograde (until august 11th) i invite you to figure out where jupiter is in your chart by house if you don’t already know, and sit with that. write, meditate, think, talk, dream, whatever. it’s so powerful to know yourself in this way. imagine how much more centered and whole you might feel when you spend time engaging in thoughts around what your greatest blessings are. it’s difficult times.

give yourself an opportunity to feel blessed.

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