it’s time to recalibrate our understanding of the concept of community

Updated: 2 days ago

we use the word “community” a lot, and it has become very apparent to me that we do not all mean the same thing when we use this word, and we do not all understand the same thing when we see or hear it.

“community care”

“the astrology community”

“the human design community”

“my community / this community”

a good amount of conflict and grievances that i see displayed within the context of community, i think, is a result of many instances of obscurity in regards to the use of the word “community,” itself.

often times when i see the word used it is in the context of pointing out a way in which a community has “failed” or “is failing,” its members, or isn’t doing “enough,” to XYZ. sometimes we use it to distinguish ourselves from a group of people with whom we have a lot in common but want to set ourselves apart from, often in the interest of saving face.

i have a *lot* of thoughts to share on this, shaped and fortified by my personal experiences in community especially this last year as well as by my understanding of the relationship houses, and especially the 11th house, in astrology.

i am excited, scared, and ready to share these expressions at my talk on 1/23. in the meantime, here are some thoughts that came to mind this morning:

i would like to see more of:

  • community as a resource to amplify impact

  • community as a container for specific visions

  • community as a reminder of what we have in common

  • community as a space where more intimate relationships can begin and be incubated

i would like to see less of:

  • community as resistance to individuality

  • community as an authority on homogenized integrity

  • community as a justification for ostracism

  • community as a replacement for meaningful intimate connections

community is about having something in common. community is not about having everything, or even most things in common.