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introducing #DIGNITYBABES

[the post below was originally shared to instagram on 2/17/2020 to launch the community dialogue called "DIGNITY BABES," in which members of the online astrology community sought to have 3-week long public dialogue around topics within astrology]

When five extremely brilliant, thoughtful, heroic astrologers that you feel honored to know and very much look up to invite you to be a part of a public conversation, you humbly say yes.

You in this instance is me, but it can also be you, because you’re invited to be a part of this dialogue too.

As a baby practicing astrologer, I am constantly observing and taking in the wisdom and perspectives of other more seasoned astrologers. I have so much still to learn, and always will.

And as a natal disseminating moon in Sagittarius in my first house, (read: life long teacher, everywhere I go), I am also constantly sharing what I’ve learned and encountered with, well, anyone who will let me.

And if you know me IRL or online, you’re likely to also be in your own loop of learning and talking about astrology because, well, that’s sort of the zeitgeist at the moment.

With the current spotlight on astrology and other esoteric / healing arts practices, and with social media at our fingertips, we are blessed with SO MUCH INFORMATION. With that comes the task of learning to mindfully take it in. Many of us, like myself, who can’t help but shout from the rooftops about the magic that we’ve found through our own studies and practices, are also tasked with the responsibility of discerning & dignified dissemination of that information.

Mercury’s station retrograde is an invitation for reflection and review. Over the course of this 3-week retrograde period, myself and this group of seriously babely and epic astrologers invite you to join in on a series of conversations around astrology, content creation & consumption, professionalism, and more.

To join the conversation, follow along with me & my colleagues/idols






& me - @kelseyrosetort

Use #dignitybabes when joining in!

The 1st prompt on #EssentialDignity has already been launched. Check it out on some of colleagues’ feeds, and check back later for my reflection.

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