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be soft with one another


the astro weather (and the real weather if you’re in chicago) (or just the general state of the world if you’re not an astro person) is challenging right now. many of us are feeling tired, stuck, scattered, depleted, defensive, grim,heavy, or some combination of these things.

the good news is that these less comfortable feelings are meant to eventually mobilize us towards something sweeter. something more aligned. something more sustainable. something more like joy. both collectively and as individual egos, if we work with this energy and are open to learning and changing, there will be fruit.

the less good news is that if astrology works (it does) and if the state of the world doesn’t change overnight (it won’t) then things aren’t going to get a ton better any time soon. we’ll get some breaks, for sure, but we have more to gain from this moment in time and so this moment is going to last a bit longer.

one very powerful way to exist in this moment is to trust that the struggle you feel right now is affecting everyone around you and to consider this fact in moments of frustration, defensiveness, and conflict. take a breath. feel all the things. process them in the ways you know how to. regulate. give the benefit of the doubt. forgive.

prioritize the cultivation of your own sense of peace and groundedness and notice how that can bring a softness to the experiences of those around you.

what a beautiful privilege it is to be able impact one another so subtly, or so profoundly.

we all need to be easy on each other right now. i think that probably begins with being a little easier on ourselves.

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