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someone who calls themselves an astrologer should be able to answer these questions, yes?

truthfully, the more deeply I engage with it, the harder it is for me to articulate exactly i’m doing when i look at maps of celestial bodies and relate them to the experience of human consciousness. but mercury is (Rx) in pisces and i do call myself an astrologer, so i’m going to try.

can astrology be articulated in a simple definition? i don’t think so. astrology incorporates everything. astrology touches everything. astrology considers everything. astrology points out that which cannot be seen, known, perceived, articulated - everything. how can you fit everything in a sentence? in an instagram post? you can’t. mercury in pisces strikes again.

if you believe that astrology is real or that it *works* you probably either are super familiar with fractal theory, have done hallucinogens, or are a water sign. there’s something inarticulable that you just *get.* or maybe you’ve just had someone read your chart and not been able to deny the relevance. do we need to be able to define astrology or understand how it works in order to be able to meaningfully engage with it?

a better question than what astrology is may be:


i humbly offer two different suggestions for two sets of folx: believers & skeptics.

BELIEVERS. recommendation: check your dependency on astrology & astrologers. stay grounded in the truth that astrology is actually a man-made (aka flawed) system that attempts to make logical sense of something too big, too divine, too mysterious to actually comprehend while being human.

use astrology to the extent that it strengthens your awareness of all that you *don’t* know. that it affirms your existence as magical, divine, & worthy, but also as a tiny part of something. much larger, and therefore maybe less consequential than your ego might have you believe. use astrology in partnership with your intuition. with your lived experience. use it to affirm your beliefs and to challenge them, too.

submit to the truth that you just. don’t. know. and allow communication with the celestial realm (aka astrology) to inform your not-knowing.

SKEPTICS. if you’re not sure yet, loves, good. don’t believe it until/unless you believe it. otherwise, it’s useless. but i encourage you to be curious and open minded. to acknowledge in your skepticism that you only know what you know, and that you don’t know everything.

one of my fave astro books is “horoscope symbols.” by rob hand. near the beginning of it, he says, “…you should recognize that you do not experience the universe as it is in the ultimate sense, but as it is channeled through your sense and modified by the sum total of your previous conceptions and past experiences. what you create, therefore, is really your experience of the universe, and your experience is yours and uniquely yours.”

EVERYONE: how do you define astrology and how do you engage with it?

this #astrophilosophy post is part of a huge community-led conversation we’re calling #dignitybabes, that seeks to honor the diverse experience of astrologers and astrology enthusiasts by inviting ALL to share their voice.

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