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ask yourself

healing requires an inquiry deep within, and a willingness to work with what shows up.

replace the word “healing” with “self care,” “knowing,” “living,” “self study,” “empowerment,” whatever, if that resonates with you in a more authentic way.

no sacred teaching, horoscope, tarot card, or manifestation tool, can tell you everything you need to know about how to get out of your rut.

no instagram post, coach, influencer, or hard and fast rule can pinpoint exactly what the right next step is for you.

no person aside from yourself and no past experience can tell you precisely what is required to bring you back to balance in this moment.

we are cyclical beings and every fractal of every cycle will ask of us a little something different. sometimes you need to ask yourself to slow down, and other times you need to step it up. sometimes your need is isolation, a break from social pressure, and other times a friend’s perspective is the portal to a helpful new dimension of thought.

sometimes earth will rebalance you. sometimes fire will. yin and yang, you know? it’s both.

what’s more, our unique constitution, patterning, and circumstances make for very different needs from one person to the next - this on top of acknowledging that we are different people from our present selves one decade, one year, one week ago.

the only way for you to find out what your next move, mantra, lesson, or intention is, is to ask yourself and to be present with what you find yourself saying. this process can be uncomfortable, painful, vulnerable, isolating, all of the above and more, but i’ve found it to be a much more efficient and authentic approach than attempting to piece together various teachings, advice, opinions, rules, etc.

you might also say that when i ask myself, i am including the consideration all of the input i’ve received from the stars, the cards, the influential folx, and the feed, but i’m also including the divine knowing of myself, and that’s a powerful ingredient.

but then again, this is just my perspective, in this current moment.



background from a photo by @scottwebb

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