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aries full moon | october 1st, 2020

anger is crucial.

getting riled up is great.

and so is taking slow, deep breaths.

and so is allowing some space for processing.

here is a humble offering I did not know I’d be making for today’s new moon in aries conjunct chiron and ruled by a retrograde mars.

we’re all feeling triggered. every single one of us. regardless of the extent to which we consciously understand what has us riled up and why.

i’m all for getting (& staying) angry in the face of injustice / white supremacy / fascism / abuse / gaslighting. and i’m really *not* about tone policing. i believe that anger plays an imperative role in the plight for peace. i even hold the not so popular belief that *shame* has a role to play.

you can find me any day of the week embracing conflict with my family, friends, communities, and yep - strangers on the internet. i have sun, venus, + mercury in aries. you might even say that the intersection of conflict + anger is… my happy place?

and. there are lots of ways to express, process, utilize, channel anger.

when you’re understandably and rightfully boiling as a result of something triggering - you might remind yourself that a deep breath can calm your nervous system in the span of four seconds. you might remind yourself that your anger will still be available to you and powerful in one minute, one hour, tomorrow.

ultimately - your anger is yours. how you process and express it is your call.

with the moon in aries opposite the sun in libra, attention is being drawn towards our right to feel and emote rage, while also asking us to grapple with the fact that our raw and instinctual emotions, and how we choose to express and process them, impact those around us.

i truly believe that a few deep breaths can be the key to honoring both ends of this dynamic. breathe, and allow yourself to connect with the root of your anger, to settle into an ounce more clarity, and to connect with and express your rage in a more intentional, impactful way.

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