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a tarot spread for the full moon in cancer - not opposed by saturn!

[originally written on december 29, 2020]

today’s full moon in cancer is especially significant because it is the first time the moon has come home to cancer since saturn has moved into aquarius, which makes it the first cancer moon not opposed by saturn in over three years.

this is big. potent. felt.

cancer is the sign where the moon can most comfortably do moon things, resting and recharging for a few days before embarking on the moonthly ride around the rest of the zodiac, subjecting themself and us to a myriad of different flavors of emotional processing.

since december 2017, the moon, each time it has come home to cancer, has been opposed by saturn. the moon’s natural plight for comfort has been met with a unconvinced sideeye from saturn. saturn says, “you want comfort? not yet. wait. you want nourishment? well, there is work to do first.”

the moon saturn opposition, whether experienced natally or by transit, can amplify a perceived dichotomy between comfort and duty. this is a dynamic we’ve become well acquainted with over the last three years, as we’ve collectiely experienced this aspect by transit.

today’s full moon invites us to release that perceived dichotomy. to remember that comfort and duty can exist simultaneously. that one need not come at the cost of the other.

what perceived duties have you felt tied to?

what comforts have you restricted yourself from receiving?

what becomes available to you when you make yourself available to your needs?

what reminder can support your continued prioritization of self-nurturing?

use these questions as a tarot spread for today’s full moon. you can look to the whole sign house in your natal chart in which cancer lives for insight into what topics or themes are asking to be nurtured and cared for in your life.

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