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a tarot spread for comprehending venus in gemini and welcoming venus in cancer

i managed to spend some time being with venus this morning in her last moments in gemini, thanking her for the enlightening, often painful, and fully exhausting lessons of her slow dance through the last 30° of the zodiac.

venus moved into cancer at 10:21a central today (august 7th, 2020) after an extended four month stay in gemini.

venus in gemini was a LOT. each of us has processed so much since the planet of relation ingressed into the swiftest, most agile, & airiest of air signs back on april 4th.

i used this spread to find some clarity on what this transit brought both myself and the collective. to see the ways in which my perspective has shifted, & to get curious about what venus’ next moves will bring.

i can’t think of a more perfect card to sum up the collective lesson of venus in gemini than the page of swords. curiosity of the mind. we have asked and been asked so many questions these last 4 months. what could be? what has been? how do we relate to the constant flow of new information? how do we connect to the literal endless new and other perspectives we are always surrounded by?

in my tarot notes on the page of swords page i have the words “a baby wiseman. or a wise manbaby.” UM, yes. this was the venus in gemini mood. collectively, there is a new sense of wisdom, but we are only just at the very beginning stages of understanding it. many of us are clunky af in our mental & emotional processing right now.

we’ve only just accessed the information. there is so much work ahead.

is there a word for embodiment but on an emotional level? because that is how i’m reading the two of wands for venus in cancer. all that we’ve learned must be integrated into every aspect of our existence on every micro and macro level. this doesn’t happen without an emotional commitment. & emotional commitment doesn’t happen without personal investment.

venus in cancer is met with oppositions to the crew dominating the sky in capricorn (jupiter, pluto, saturn), and a square to the increasingly agitated mars in aries. i expect that we will be met with plenty of trials and tests that will ensure a level of personal emotional investment to the transformation of ourselves & of our world.

easy, no. exactly what we need? i do think so.

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