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a few days ago i could feel the physical need for release. my brain couldn’t understand why but my energetic body was asking me to cry cry cry.

i found some sad movies and spent half a day watching them and crying in bed. cathartic.

i have since remained in a state of cathartic sadness. it feels good. it feels heavy. it feels honest. it feels sad.

it feels really important.

there is so much to being mourned right now. so much collective grief.

so much being released. lost. let go of.

we are grieving over [to name just a few]

~who we thought we were.

~where we thought we were going.

~so much animal and plant life.

~the dire circumstances of life on earth.

~a tragic accident and loss of lives.

~mass inequity and injustice.

so much grief felt for what once was, that is no more.

in this sadness lies honesty. about where we are in relation to where we want to be.

in this sadness lies an honoring of what is.

in this sadness lies hope.

sadness and hope feel so intermingled right now. it is impossible for me to tell one from the other.

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