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| get in orbit |

orbit is my series of offerings for those who contribute to my work monthly. 


explore the tiered options below and see how you & i & other like minded souls might get in orbit with one another

my ko-fi page functions as a patronage subscription platform. while single donations are graciously accepted, the main purpose of the page is to collect support in the form of financial energy on a monthly basis from supporters.


supporters who subscribe to a monthly donation will receive the following access to me & my work based on their monthly donation amount*


  • the LUNAR LEVEL | $1-4 | no special access, but thank you so much for your regular support!

  • the SOLAR LEVEL | $5+ monthly | audio recorded meditations for each sun sign season, focused on the transmission of that sign's unique wisdom to be internalized towards your deconditioning and healing.

  • the MERCURY LEVEL | $9+ monthly | invitation to join my subscriber only slack channel, where you can message myself (and other subscribers) with your questions and reflections re astrology, spirituality, human design, reiki, yoga, whatever!

  • the JUPITER LEVEL | $22+ monthly | this is the group that wants to work more closely in small group and occasional one one one settings with me on study, growth, and deconditioning. this group gets access to signing up (free of charge) for 1on1 phone calls offerings, bi-monthly astro hangs, and will be the group that i beta-test new offerings with either for free or at deeply discounted prices.

  • the CHIRON LEVEL | $44+ monthly| in addition to access to all things mentioned in prior levels, subscribers at or above this level will receive a one hour session with me every three months. the one hour session can be used for the following: astrology reading, astrology tutoring, human design reading, reiki session, yoga session, or any combination of these modalities (and tarot upon request.)

  • the NEPTUNE LEVEL | $111+ monthly | this is for the folks with the financial ability and the desire to support my dreams for myself and for the collective. supporters at this level can take advantage of all of the above, but can sign up for a monthly one on one session rather than one session every three months as listed in the chiron level. this is a great format for someone who wants to study astrology with me one on one, as this option can used for a monthly astrology lesson.

*offerings at each level are subject to change as new visions come to me!


walk & talk description: (patrons at $22+ receive access to sign up for this offering). i love going on walks and talking on the phone! once every two weeks, i'll put out a sign up sheet for three ~20 minute calls during which we will hop on the phone while i take a walk. i'll have your natal chart & your human design bodygraph on my phone to support my processing with you. you'll share with me some context around a question you have or what's on your mind, and i'll look to your astro & design for supportive insights while also calling on my own experiences and resources.

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