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Music was my healing arts practice before I knew what the healing arts were.

My love of making & sharing music led me to completing a degree in music education. I am grateful to have spent over a decade of my life honing my teaching skills within and now outside of music. 

I have been teaching music at the high school level and to adults since 2011. I know that singing and reading music, in addition to being fun, can also both be highly meditative and therapeutic. I would love to help you find confidence in your singing voice and/or become literate in the language of music.

While I have only listed voice and music theory below, I am also comfortable teaching basic piano skills. If you are interested in guitar or bass lessons, I would be happy to refer you to my equally qualified and capable parter Budway Ferris who plays and teaches professionally.


To inquire about any of these options, please reach out using

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Nothing to book at the moment

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