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series description

Human Design is a complex mechanical system that combines elements of astrology, the Hindu-Brahman Chakra system, the I-Ching, and the Kabbalah. The synthesis of systems in this way, as was channeled in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu, creates a sort of instructional manual for an individual’s energy body. By learning about and working with our design, we can find and navigate alignment with our unique energetic frequency and more consciously utilize our inner authority. Human design is a very practical tool with a large capacity for somatic attunement and healing. It offers specific guidance on how we can listen to the intuitive wisdom of our own body, and more easefully interact with others and the world around us. 


Human Design is intended to be explored as an experiment, inviting those who feel called to learn it to implement their “strategy,” and use their “authority,” to navigate coming into alignment with their nature and deconditioning from that which is not authentic to them. While the concepts of type, strategy, and authority are simple, the rationale and mechanics behind them are quite complex. This three week series offers a thorough and accessible explanation of the system of Human Design so that participants can experiment with this body of knowledge in a way that feels clarifying, rooted, and personally resonant. 


This series will confront aspects of the teachings and language frequently used in Human Design that when approached through a capitalist lens have limiting and potentially problematic effects. We will offer a framing of how to use the body of knowledge towards the empowerment of personal autonomy and as a tool for deconditioning from imperial and colonial constructs.  


Participants will receive a thorough introduction to the most basic principles of Human Design including: the concept of definition, type, strategy, and authority. The first two sessions will cover an overview of the system, and the third session will be type-specific, gathering those who share the same energy type to dive a bit deeper into the experience of their type and to process and reflect together. 

What is included with series registration:

  • Three live two-hour sessions to take place virtually over Zoom (see schedule below):

    • Two full group sessions

    • One live type-specific session for a deep dive into your specific energy type. (Participants are welcomed to attend the live session for types other than their own, but we will be prioritizing questions and reflections from those with that energy type.)

  • Six class recordings: including the two full-group sessions as well as the four type-specific sessions.

    • Live attendance is encouraged but absolutely optional. You can register for the series even if you do not plan to attend live. 

    • It is great to learn about the other types, so we encourage you to watch the recordings of the three type-specific sessions that you do not attend live!

  • A downloadable folder of documents for your reference including slides & materials from the classes as well as additional resources focusing on some components of Human Design not covered in this series 

  • If you are one of the first 20 to register, you will receive a PDF of your design, on which to reference your: type, strategy, authority, signature goal & not self theme, profile, defined and undefined centers, gates, channels, and incarnation cross. (Other registrants can calculate their design and obtain most of this information at


Series Schedule:


  • Saturday, 9/4, 12-2pm CT:  Part 1 (full group)

  • Saturday, 9/11, 12-2pm CT: Part 2 (full group)


  • Wednesday, 9/15, 6-8pm CT: Part 3 for Manifestors

  • Thursday, 9/16, 6-8pm CT: Part 3 for Reflectors

  • Saturday, 9/18, 12-2pm CT: Part 3 for Generators

  • Monday, 9/20, 6-8pm CT: Part 3 for Projectors

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