get acquainted with your human design


Human Design is an incredible system of knowledge that offers the individual very specific clarity around the most aligned ways to operate with your energy in your body, in relationship,  and in the world. 

This reading will introduce you to the basics of your design: your type, strategy, authority, profile, and the defined and undefined centers in your design. This information is offered in a way that helps you to understand the mechanics of your design so that you can experiment with it and see its immediate effects in your life. We will also go over how your design is derived from your astrological placements. 

If you are an astrologer or astrology enthusiast, you can indicate so in your intake form, and we will look at the ways that your natal chart and your Human Design clarify one another. 

My Human Design Journey: I am currently studying Human Design with Amy Lee and John Cole of the Human Design Collective and am on a track towards becoming a licensed Human Design Analyst through the International Human Design School.

I have found that even the gentlest and most basic introduction to human design can create a surge of clarity for a person. Human Design has the ability to remind an individual who they are, who they are not, where they are most susceptible to conditioning from society and those around them, which parts of their knowing is their true inner authority, and how their unique energetic frequency most naturally wants to operate in the world.

My niche in my healing arts work has always been to initiate new processes in others (I have channel 25-51), and to transmit information in a way that is accessible and empowering. I am passionate about sharing what I'm learning about this system with others, and can confidently say that the way I introduce you to your Human Design is likely to change your life.

A NOTE ON PRICING: All of my offerings are available sliding scale. If you are interested in accessing these offerings at a lower rate, please see the framework and instructions on my economic justice page.