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economic justice

i encourage all prospective clients to read through my framework for sliding scale / economic justice as dictated below and to freely and honestly navigate the suggested discount amounts.


my intention is twofold:


  • first, for those who have historically experienced economic injustice and/or who are presently experiencing financial strain to feel empowered to book a session with me at a reduced rate without any apprehension.

  • second, for those with privilege and/or sufficient financial means to pay the higher end / full price. those who fall into this latter category are also invited to pay more by using the tip function.

framework for sliding scale pricing

please read through the following descriptions and tally up the percentage discount that is recommended for you. use the discount codes at the bottom of the page at checkout. this process is designed to help you to tune into your relative privilege and financial means rather than having you prioritize what you subjectively understand to be "affordable" for you. 

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economic justice _ sliding scale - versi
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