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INTERDEPENDENCE through the Cardinal Signs

what if was entirely possible for every individual to live a life free of dissonant or misaligned compromise, and still contribute to their relationships, community, and the collective with integrity?

what if caring for one another could be an inherent part of our autonomous movement through the world rather than rooted in coercion, obligation, or guilt?

what if we knew we could always count on a return to social equilibrium even in a reality where conflict and rupture are inevitable?

what if our collective agreements in regards to how we care for and tend to our shared existence on this planet were rooted in and regularly refined in accordance with an equal prioritization of autonomy, unconditional love and compassionate care, and harmonious reciprocity?


this workshop explores the concept of interdependence as a collaborative endeavor motivated by the perspective of each of the cardinal signs: aries, cancer, libra, and capricorn... Read More


a workshop on the lunar nodes & eclipses

the lunar nodes are the points at which the sun and the moon cross paths. a place where our eternal nature gets tangled up with our present incarnation, and vice versa. 

every year and half, the nodes shift from one pair of signs into another. the sign polarity that housed the lunar nodes at the time of your birth signifies a flavor of duality in which you are experiencing karmic recalibration in this life. the place where the nodes transit in real-time signify a phase of collective re-orientation.


new moons and full moons that take place near the  lunar nodes are called ECLIPSES. these events mark the most notable moments and... Read More

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a workshop on the chart ruler

the “chart ruler” is also referred to as the LORD of the chart. i teach this as being the planet that you answer to, whose bidding you do. i have found through years of client counseling and observation that spending time in process with who your chart ruler is, what their agenda is, and what’s it like to be an agent of their mission, can offer big boosts of clarity and invite new flavors of self acceptance.

this workshop is geared towards beginning & intermediate astrology students &/or anyone who has been studying for a while, but whose understanding of the chart ruler has yet to click into place, &/or who is interested in building a more symbiotic relationship with their planetary ruler. Read More

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we are in relationship upheaval! the process of examining and rewriting our understanding of self in the context of family, partnership, friendship, community, and society at large is well underway. for the parts of us that are most oriented to relationship, this feels deeply unsettling, but for the sake of the interdependent future that we seek, it is exactly perfectly timed.

learning to discern between the types of relationships that exist and the context surrounding relationality and connection in both the most intimate and personal aspects of our lives as well as the “professional” or more public facing aspects is a crucial and potentially deeply liberating step in working within the parameters of our current consciousness-curriculum. in this workshop, kelsey offers a comprehensive orientation to the houses overall and then facilitates a deep dive into the houses that most obviously are home to relational dynamics and experiences.  Read More



if you’re feeling like you’re living between two worlds, like the old world is dead but the new world isn’t quite here yet and you’re not sure how to exist in the overlapping realities, you’re not alone. 

how is one person supposed to determine how/where they fit into the larger puzzle when the big picture is so unclear and unpredictable?

you can’t. right now isn’t for pushing forward in regards to our external circumstances, but we do each have a great amount of agency available to us in regard to how we use this in-between time in order prepare our selves and our bodies for what is next.

this workshop is focused primarily on the transit of saturn in aquarius square uranus in taurus which has been a major player in our experience for all of 2021 and will continue to be so throughout 2022... Read More

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Originally referred to as the 12 Places, the houses in astrology show us territory of our lives in which the planetary and sign energies most directly play out.


It’s typical for the astrology student to feel a sense of confusion about why certain topics belong together in certain houses, or to have difficulty grasping the rooted meaning behind each house. This workshop presents a combination of history, astronomy, and psychology to clarify the house delineations, supporting the participants to arrive to a more grounded and intuitive approach to interpreting the houses.


In addition to strengthening the foundational understanding of the meaning of the houses, this class also focuses on introducing a number of more intermediate and advanced... Read More



Working with the Moon

Ditch the gregorian calendar and get with the moon! Or at least refine your blend of the two.

Embracing Lunar Rhythms is an offering designed to support the beginner to intermediate+ level astrologer in better understanding the lunar cycle and how to apply it to their daily, weekly, and moon-thly, life.

The moon in astrology represents our reflected emotional experiences. When we tune into the phases of the moon, we can more deeply tune into our own internal landscape. When we know how to align our lives with the changes of the moon, we can tap into a more harmonious flow.  Read More