"Kelsey is truly an amazing teacher! This intro to astrology course will leave you with a detailed understanding of the building blocks of astrology, so that you can continue to study and learn on your own. So much of what is out there for beginners is confusing and inaccessible for the true beginner. Kelsey blends her deep love, study, and understanding of astrology with the years that she has spent as a teacher and educator. You could not take a better course to begin and/or deepen your understanding of the language of astrology."

"This class really deepened my knowledge of astrology. Kelsey clearly put a lot of work & love into this offering and inspired me to continue my journey. She references plenty of texts while creating her own original & illuminating content to supplement them. I will definitely be taking other astro courses Kelsey offers in the future!"

"I had a great time and learned a lot. I feel a lot more comfortable with my chart and talking to others about astro. When I listen to podcasts or anything astro now I get these little bursts of clarity on something we talked about really comes through. I enjoy learning from Kelsey, she's got a knack for breaking things down in a way that she sees her students need to understand the material. Yay astrology!"

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