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teaching, healing arts, & business consultation 

I am a huge proponent of sharing stories and learning through connection and discussion. I find deep fulfillment when I am granted opportunities to support others by sharing my experiences, challenges, successes, and suggestions. 

If you are familiar with my work in the community, teaching, healing arts, design, and non profit realms and are interested in learning more about my journey and my processes, you can use this offering to book some time to chat with me! 

This is also an ideal place to start if you feel drawn to working with me but you're not sure what the best avenue is.

Please note - if we are already in relationship either professionally or personally, I would most likely prefer for our exchange to occur without a financial transaction. Please do not hesitate to reach out through the regular channels (email, text, etc) if we are already connected and you'd like to schedule some time in consultation together. 

A NOTE ON PRICING: All of my offerings are available sliding scale. If you are interested in accessing these offerings at a lower rate, please see the framework and instructions on my economic justice page.

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